Terrorism and Security Incident Response

Establishing stability, ensuring safety, focusing on recovery


Terrorism and Security Incident Response

Incident Response Coordination - Travel Security and Traveler Tacking
Real-time Threat Intelligence - Executive Protection - Escalation Support and Evacuation


When your organisation and its people find themselves either caught up in or the target of a terrorist or security event, your duty-of-care credentials are put to the ultimate test. Preparation and readiness underpin the most successful response and recovery strategies, but, whatever the situation, Control Risks has the required expertise and experience.


Incident response co-ordination

The essence of the Control Risks response – honed over decades of front-line crisis management – is to establish perspective on a situation, create a stable decision-making platform and deploy whatever expertise is needed to make your workforce safe.

If you find yourself confronting a terrorism or security incident, it is likely to be for the first time. If people are missing or lives are on the line, clear-sighted decision-making is hard and organisational paralysis can set in.

Control Risks has been responding to acute security incidents for 40 years and we bring a well-practised, coordinated response to the incident you are facing.

All stages of our response are supported by a continual flow of real-time intelligence from our network of specialist analysts.

Mobile workforce security

Through our alliance with International SOS, we bring a coordinated security and medical response to any incident, wherever in the world it occurs. More than 200 travel security specialists staff our network of 27 assistance centres and six dedicated security centres 24 hours a day.

If your employees need evacuation or repatriation, we can do this in safety and with appropriate medical care.

Executive protection

Our executive protection operatives are located around the world, know their environments and are formally trained and licensed to Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards or equivalent. Male and female operatives can be quickly deployed worldwide.

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Hurricanes Irma and Maria batter a company’s Caribbean assets image expand icon

Hurricanes Irma and Maria batter a company’s Caribbean assets

Case study: Safeguarding the people and assets of a global financial services company when its Caribbean operations were battered by two hurricanes.

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Political Violence and Crime Incident Report Q3 2017

Political Violence and Crime Incident Report Q3 2017

This Control Risks report analyses global incidents of war, terrorism, unrest and crime with commercial relevance by country, region, targets and tactics.

Responding to changing security challenges play icon

Responding to changing security challenges

Organisations are facing an increasingly complex security challenge, but they have a number of responses available to them.

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