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Making informed decisions is a critical factor in the success and sustainability of any operation or investment and demands rigorous, real-world due diligence.

For over 40 years Control Risks’ investigative teams, specialist researchers and subject matter experts have provided a range of due diligence services to support clients in reaching their strategic, operational and compliance goals. Our extensive global footprint and on-the-ground capabilities allow us to give you the full picture wherever you need us to look.

Enhanced due diligence

Our compliance, forensics and intelligence teams are highly experienced in applying the right level of scrutiny to commercial relationships and assisting clients in developing an approach that matches the high demands of regulatory requirements and sound risk management practices. With a unique ability to apply local political and business context, you will receive a detailed and fully contextualised picture.

ESG due diligence

We help you identify ESG vulnerabilities and opportunities in your investments, projects and supply chains – ranging from environmental issues to human rights, and from cyber risks to community relations. We plan for remediation and capacity building, protecting your reputation and safeguarding your license to operate wherever your business takes you.

Third-party due diligence with Control Risks VANTAGE

Control Risks VANTAGE is a suite of products co-delivered by GAN Integrity and Control Risks, specifically designed for organisations who rely on a complex web of global third-parties to deliver critical support.

Control Risks VANTAGE means end-to-end third-party management. From initial screenings using the world’s largest risk databases to deeper levels of research, on-the-ground investigative work and automated cloud-based compliance solutions, Control Risks VANTAGE facilitates the management of multiple vendors, tools and services, letting you to focus your efforts on mitigating risk.

Cyber due diligence

Gain a clear picture of a target’s cyber security programme and the potential risks it presents. Our Cyber Protect team help investors understand the current and future cyber threats a target company or an existing portfolio might face, highlighting any current vulnerabilities that are likely to be leveraged to support a cyber attack or breach. If you are the seller, conducting a self-cyber due diligence before going public will increase the value of your proposition. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence team can also identify if there are any previous breaches that may impact valuation pricing. 

Cyber breaches can lead inevitably to financial loss, or loss of intellectual property, and reputational damage. Pre-investment cyber due diligence, as well as post-acquisition cyber risk analysis, lets you identify and mitigate evolving cyber risks, alongside financial, legal, and reputational risks. Find out more about our Cyber and Digital Security services.

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