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In today’s digital–first era, businesses and their counsel struggle to harness the ever-expanding array of data at their disposal to gain actionable insights. Our Discovery + Data Insights experts work to understand your goals and unlock intelligence from data to mitigate risks and expand opportunities. 

Discovery + Data Insights offers a comprehensive range of innovative and efficient technology solutions to clients and counsel, helping them to manage risks from complex litigation, investigations, compliance and security. We provide strategic advice and best-in-class discovery services, and are well-versed in jurisdictional nuances including understanding the expectations of courts and regulators during discovery or when serving as digital forensics expert witnesses. 

Our data analytics experts bring together subject matter expertise with innovative technology, including generative AI, and analytics solutions to inform crucial business decisions and find facts faster. Our expertise in leveraging internal and external data sources alongside human, industry, and business knowledge gives our clients insight into current and evolving risks and inspires confident decisions. 


Establish defensible and repeatable processes to deal with high volumes of electronically stored information. We are your partner, a force multiplier providing global reach with state-of-the-art infrastructure, best-in-class tools, and deep eDiscovery expertise and experience, wherever needed.

Digital Forensics 

Whether you are facing an external data breach or an insider incident, whether it is an IP theft or government investigation, our digital forensics experts can help you identify and preserve the relevant digital evidence.  

Data Analytics 

We apply data analytics and technology expertise to help organisations strengthen their audit, risk and compliance procedures. We help clients across industries make informed decisions by providing comprehensive, data-driven insights into the complex challenges they face. 

Emerging Technology and Custom Development 

We work with clients and their counsel to develop specific applications that bridge gaps in their legal processes. From standardising and organising new and nonstandard data or harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, we can help you use technology to solve your evolving data challenges. 

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