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Changing patterns in terrorism
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Changing patterns in terrorism

Islamic State is under pressure following territorial losses in the Middle East. But it is not yet defeated as either a military or ideological force. Meanwhile, we are seeing increasingly diverse terrorism threats globally - not necessarily more severe, but often less predictable.

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A tapestry of risk and opportunity on the new silk road

The Chinese Belt and Road initiative is an enticing investment opportunity, but security strategies should factor in kidnap risk in some areas.

Russia’s automotive sector: emerging from the doldrums
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Russia’s automotive sector: emerging from the doldrums

Recent data from Russia suggest that 2017 will be the first year since 2014 that an increase in domestic automotive sales is expected. The growth in sales is a positive sign not just for car manufacturers and distributors.

Saudi Arabia: Corruption investigations
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Saudi Arabia corruption investigations

The ongoing corruption investigations into members of the royal family, government officials and the economic elite are unprecedented.

Africa Risk-Reward Index – June 2018
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Africa Risk-Reward Index

Significant political changes, particularly in Southern African, and improved commodity prices led to an improvement of the average Risk-Reward Score on the African continent.


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