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Africa Risk-Reward Index 2019
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Killing Soleimani: a tactical lunge with strategic consequences

US President Donald Trump’s decision to kill Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ elite Qods Force and arguably Iran’s second most powerful man, has shaken the Middle East and is likely to have geopolitical consequences far beyond the region.

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How a new German anti-fraud act may force companies to investigate themselves

Almost two years after Germany’s coalition parties announced plans to introduce fresh legislation to fight corporate crime, the Federal Ministry of Justice published a first draft of the “Association Sanctions Act” in August 2019.

Africa Risk-Reward Index 2019
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Africa Risk-Reward Index 2019: Reforms and Resistance

With ambitious reform agendas, unfilled demand for good and services, infrastructure gaps and one of the world's fastest growing populations, Africa presents an abundance of opportunity and possibility for business. Download the fourth Africa Risk-Reward Index for a comparative snapshot of some of the continent's largest and emerging markets.

Hong Kong: Where do we go from here?
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Hong Kong: where do we go from here?

As social unrest in Hong Kong enters the sixth month, confrontations between protesters and the police continue to lead to extensive disruption and other operational challenges for businesses.

CORE Incident Report Q3CORE Incident Report Q4
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CORE political violence and violent organised crime report Q4 2019

We are pleased to release our fourth quarter report on political violence and violent organised crime incidents around the world.


Asian tech investment four areas of risk


Asian tech investment: four areas of risk

Asia’s young, internet-enabled population and global capital chasing investment make for a regional technology deal market. Among the countries that make up the Association of South East Asian Nations, the tech sector is awash with capital and government support.

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