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The content in this section has been compiled by Control Risks analysts and consultants. This material offers invaluable insights into the real challenges our clients are facing and is updated on a regular basis.

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    China and India's economic rapport

    Despite the positive tone during Narendra Modi’s visit to China, different geopolitical realities and simmering tensions over territorial disputes will continue to dampen relations.

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    The Middle-Kingdom comes to Middle-Earth

    Control Risks’ CEO, Richard Fenning, recently climbed Mount Kinabalu in the Malaysian part of Borneo and found that different nations had different understandings of what being prepared entails.

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    Militant seizure of Ramadi

    Militant seizure of Ramadi underscores continued weakness of government forces in Anbar province.

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    Drivers of Disruption

    Control Risks’ CEO Richard Fenning recently addressed the World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit and spoke on the theme of Drivers of Disruption.

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