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COVID-19: Pivoting to recovery

As the vaccine rollout proceeds at varying paces across the globe, organisations find themselves in different and sometimes multiple stages of the crisis management lifecycle. Remaining agile, forward-thinking and empathetic are all essential for a successful outcome.

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Taliban takeover likely to drive regional, global terrorism threats
  • Analysis

Taliban takeover likely to drive regional, global terrorism threats

The Taliban’s rapid conquest of a Western-backed military is a propaganda win for militant Islamist groups. We examine the security impacts in the region and beyond.

Malaysia - Endemic politics in pandemic times: is there an end in sight?
  • Analysis

New prime minister but hardly primed for political longevity

Malaysia is in its worst-ever COVID-19 wave, and political volatility is partly to blame. We discuss five ways that the political crisis could play out, the key triggers that companies should watch out for that would signpost possible shifts in the political state, and the longer term proposition for businesses.

China: politics are important but it’s the regulations that matter for multinationals
  • Analysis

Wembley Euros security breach: time to reset event security standards?

The stadium security breach as the Wembley Euros 2020 final shows why major event managers need to implement robust physical security layers designed and managed by event specialists overlaid with operational security to control crowds and oversee the larger operation.


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Global Insight podcast

The Global Insight

Maritime and supply chains: risk and resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic brought supply chain risk centre stage, particularly issues in the maritime world. While the sector has adapted and held up well, risks loom. Join Charles Hecker and Claudine Fry for a conversation with in-house maritime experts Cormac Mc Garry and Victoria Mitchell about current trends in maritime, where the sector is headed, and what it means for business.
Recall Management

South Korean Automotive

In South Korea, recalls in the automotive industry have been few and far between. This is unlike in the US where product liability issues, class action lawsuits and large fines against automakers have made recalls more frequent.
Libya: some optimism, but risks remain


Libya: some optimism, but risks remain

Libya has undergone successive rounds of civil conflict and abortive political transitions over the past decade. The most recent conflict over control of Tripoli, which lasted from April 2019 until mid-2020, saw an escalation in the level of violence and the extent of international involvement in Libya’s grinding civil war.

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