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Digital Forensics and Data Analytics
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Compliance, investigations and litigation support: staying in control

Read a selection of critical insights for today’s general counsel, internal support teams, and external legal counsel and learn how mastery of data and a proactive compliance program can help your organization succeed.

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Sanctions compliance and enforcement

The global sanctions landscape has become more complex and difficult for companies to navigate. We’ve identified two key trends that you should know about.

Sudans stability risks
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International mediation unlikely to reduce Sudan’s stability risks

Three key political risks as the impasse between the TMC and the main opposition, DFCF continues following the forcible dispersal of protestors by state security forces.

Lake Baikal
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Balancing act in Lake Baikal

A visit to the world’s deepest lake, Baikal in Siberia, uncovers how local concerns about the environment mirror growing environmental awareness across Russia.

US China trade
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US-China trade: amid hopes for G20 reprieve, China prepares its retaliation options

Companies can hope for a trade deal to limit the pace and scope of escalation, but must expect the trend of deepening competition – and the disruption that brings to the trade and investment environment – to play out over years, not months. 



Election in Guatemala

Twenty candidates are running for President of Guatemala, in a campaign where the key issues have been unemployment, security, corruption and the continuity of the UN-backed anti-corruption body CICIG.

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