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The content in this section has been compiled by Control Risks analysts and consultants. This material offers invaluable insights into the real challenges our clients are facing and is updated on a regular basis.

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    High impact terror returns

    Terrorist group intent to conduct high-impact attacks has increased. Spurred by foreign military interventions, IS and its affiliates may use attacks to offset loss of territory and prestige in Iraq and Syria.

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    Argentina chooses Macri

    The long tenure of kirchnerismo in Argentina has come to an end with the election of Mauricio Macri. The new president could face considerable challenges to his reformist agenda.

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    Paris wounded: a beautiful, hardened heart

    Charles Hecker, Global Research Director at Control Risks, arrived in Paris two days after the horrific terrorist attacks of November 13th. In this Control Risks Blog, he reflects on the mood he found in the city.

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    The Paris attacks

    The November 13 attacks in Paris have shaken up Europe’s security landscape and provoked a wide ranging debate about the reponse to challenges presented by the Islamic State threat, the Syrian conflict and the refugee crisis.

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