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Digital Forensics and Data Analytics
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Compliance, investigations and litigation support: staying in control

Read a selection of critical insights for today’s general counsel, internal support teams, and external legal counsel and learn how mastery of data and a proactive compliance program can help your organization succeed.

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Future-proofing your China business

Opportunities are still available in China, but the rules have changed. The next phase of China’s development will be highly disruptive, but these steps will help you prepare and grow.

Mauritania’ candidate votes
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Continuity and challenges for Mauritania’s new president

Ould Ghazouani, was elected president with 52% of the vote. His close ally and outgoing President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz has vowed to retain a role in the country’s politics. How Ghazouani manages his ties to Abdelaziz will place upward pressure on political stability risk.

Duterte's presidency
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What to expect from the second half of Duterte's presidency

As the second half of President Rodrigo Duterte’s term begins we examine what challenges and opportunities could be in store for businesses with interests in the Philippines in the next three years.

Saudi Arabia’s emerging entertainment sector
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Navigating conservatism and reputational risks in Saudi Arabia’s emerging entertainment sector

Over the past three years Saudi Arabia’s entertainment sector has witnessed significant growth, despite occasional public backlash and human rights campaigning leading to withdrawals from scheduled performances.


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