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Chinas environmental enforcement
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How China’s environmental enforcement is disrupting supply chains

In 2015, the newly installed Chinese Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining said environmental enforcement in China lacked teeth. But with new powers and the political backing of the Chinese leadership, Chen committed the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) to take action...

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A tapestry of risk and opportunity on the new silk road

The Chinese Belt and Road initiative is an enticing investment opportunity, but security strategies should factor in kidnap risk in some areas.

Automotive Expert Brief November 2017
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New energy vehicle market in South East Asia

In 2017, new car sales in Southeast Asia are set to be amongst the highest in the world. With increasing demand, is the region’s automotive sector ripe for new energy vehicle (NEV) disruption?

Saudi Arabia: Corruption investigations
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Saudi Arabia corruption investigations

The ongoing corruption investigations into members of the royal family, government officials and the economic elite are unprecedented.

Africa Risk-Reward Index
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Africa Risk-Reward Index

Competitive edge in Africa means not only figuring out the no-brainers, but staying ahead of the pack in knowing what's next.



Saudi Arabia: Corruption investigations

Royal decrees on 4 November relieved several senior officials of their positions and established a supreme anti-corruption commission. The government has subsequently said that over 200 people have been detained on allegations of corruption and money-laundering...

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