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  • Asia & the Pacific: Indian prime minister’s visit to US likely to help strengthen bilateral ties, defence co-operation
  • Russia: Legislative changes likely to reflect popular anti-corruption sentiment
  • Philippines: President’s incapacitation or death amid rumours over his health would herald serious instability
  • Mid East & N Africa: Currency, sovereign risks in Qatar to remain stable, despite pressures caused by ongoing dispute
  • Philippines: Energy shortage in coming years to spur investment in energy sector; regulatory risks remain
  • South Africa: Ruling party conference unlikely to provide policy clarity
  • Malaysia: Malaysian militants’ role in Philippine conflict likely to increase terrorism risk in coming months
  • China: National security review to pose operational risks for businesses
  • Myanmar: Proposed electricity price hike unlikely to result in large unrest; long-term shortages to persist
  • Chile: Focus on bilateral trade partnerships unlikely to result in significant changes to regulatory environment
  • Venezuela: Helicopter attack against Supreme Court will serve as excuse for regime to crack down on dissent
  • Paraguay: Political manoeuvring over suggested export taxes indicates higher tax risks for agriculture sector
  • Honduras: Significant security challenges to persist despite further fall in murders
  • Jamaica: Statements unlikely to lead to reduction in crime rates, insecurity to remain obstacle in long term
  • Italy: Approach to bailout fails to address structural problems affecting banks, eurozone
  • Brazil: Drug seizure in Mato Grosso underlines country’s status as trans-shipment route
  • Ukraine: Latest assassinations pose indirect security risk to civilians, commercial assets
  • Colombia: Completion of guerrilla disarmament does not signal shift in security environment
  • Madagascar: Scenarios: President consolidates authority
  • Europe & CIS: Arrests underline persistent terrorism threat, effective cross-border co-operation

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