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  • Nigeria: Agreement with China to build hydropower plant points to rising debt levels, sovereign risks
  • Bulgaria: Political disagreements over defence procurement highlight contract risk in sector
  • Iran: Security, terrorism risks remain LOW despite foiled attacks
  • Spain: Escalation of national government measures unlikely to stop Catalan independence referendum; mass protests to continue
  • Mongolia: Scenarios: Uneasy co-habitation stalls policy-making
  • Syria: Recapture of key villages points to successful Raqqa offensive over coming month, Islamic State's insurgent attacks to continue
  • Brazil: Turf war indicates rising security challenges in Rio de Janeiro
  • United Kingdom: Series of arrests related to underground bombing show wider network likely involved, not direct extremist group direction
  • Swaziland: Public sector wage dispute not indicative of growing threat of labour unrest
  • Philippines: Consolidation of opposition sentiment unlikely to undermine political stability
  • Ecuador: President’s call for popular consultation demonstrates desire for public support
  • Bahrain: Efforts to attract foreign investment to reduce regulatory risk

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