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Our unique combination of services, geographical reach and the trust our clients place in us ensure we can help them to effectively solve their problems and realise new opportunities across the world.

  • Iraq: Limited territorial gains, civilian deaths underscore complexity of operations to retake west Mosul
  • Yemen: Conflict to continue as warring sides refuse to negotiate
  • Iran: US official’s comments underscore continued implementation of nuclear deal
  • Ukraine: Killing of former Russian MP in capital likely to worsen bilateral tensions
  • Europe & CIS: In-depth: Incidents in Antwerp, London highlight persistent terrorism threat posed by vehicle ramming in Western Europe
  • Indonesia: Graft crackdown to briefly disrupt shipping, gradual improvements likely
  • Poland: Government approval of Sunday retail ban highlights unstable regulatory environment in sector
  • Asia & the Pacific: Balance-of-power considerations to persist despite closer Thailand’s closer ties with China
  • Sri Lanka: Port proposal unlikely to stem growing public opposition over Chinese investments in the country
  • Argentina: Sovereign risks to remain on downward trend despite growing spending in short term
  • Brazil: Likely approval of pension reform to reduce sovereign risks
  • Armenia: High-profile arms smuggling arrest underscores tensions ahead of poll; unlikely to signal larger threat
  • Ecuador: Polls highlight close election, polarisation to increase
  • Qatar: Reputational, regulatory risks associated with migrant labour to persist
  • France: Minister’s resignation unlikely to lead to political instability, will bolster centrist presidential candidate’s chances of victory
  • Brazil: Lack of personnel to hinder investigative capacity of police, highlights law enforcement deficiencies
  • Mexico: Homicide increase highlights persistent threat of organised criminal groups
  • Ethiopia: Scenarios: Lack of clear leadership hampers policy making
  • Gabon: National dialogue to improve president’s legitimacy despite hardline opposition boycott
  • United Kingdom: Risk of government change remains remote following Brexit date announcement, setbacks for administration

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