Control Risks is an independent, global risk consultancy specialising in helping organisations manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments. We support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations, handling sensitive political issues and providing practical on-the-ground protection and support.

Our unique combination of services, geographical reach and the trust our clients place in us ensure we can help them to effectively solve their problems and realise new opportunities across the world.

  • Poland: Plans to create new state-controlled bank giant to ensure domestic ownership in strategic sector
  • Mexico: New law to improve anti-corruption enforcement in longer term
  • Uzbekistan: Corporate governance reforms unlikely to prevent state interference in commercial operations
  • Argentina: Victory in primaries in capital indicates growing support for centre-right opposition
  • Nepal: Earthquake likely to hinder economic development, complicate political outlook
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Attack on police station to heighten ethnic tensions, unlikely to be part of sustained campaign
  • Mali: Security situation in north to remain volatile despite rebel re-engagement with peace deal
  • Asia & the Pacific: Impending execution of Australian nationals does not change overall security risk in Indonesia
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Opposition divisions likely to undermine prospects in October presidential election
  • South Africa: Trade union's formation of party likely to increase labour unrest but have limited political impact
  • Mexico: Arrest of Gulf Cartel leader highlights continuing threat of organised crime-related violence in Tamaulipas
  • Iraq: Bomb attacks, ground offensives across Anbar province highlight militants' continuing operational capacity
  • Egypt: Extension of state of emergency underlines grave insecurity in North Sinai, likely to fuel local grievances
  • China: Hong Kong protest activities likely to increase following controversial election proposals
  • Jamaica: Election of new superintendent unlikely to lead to improvement in security environment in West Kingston
  • Colombia: Threats linked to illegal mining to persist despite new government legislation

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