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  • Nigeria: Twin attacks in Jos underscore persistent Islamist militant threat in north, central regions
  • Myanmar: Clashes at student protest highlight demands for constitutional reforms but major unrest unlikely
  • Italy: Arrests in relation to major racket scheme underline continuing mafia influence on business environment
  • France: Indictment of highest government official underlines persistence of corruption in Corsica
  • Saudi Arabia: Arrests of suspected IS members, shootout in Taif underscore militants’ nationwide presence
  • Nigeria: Delay in appointing amnesty administrator to prompt further increase in violent crime in Niger delta
  • Iraq: Heavy fighting, bombardment of IS-held areas of Anbar highlights militants’ continued capabilities
  • Congo: National dialogue in mid-July to increase tensions over president’s rumoured re-election bid
  • Greece: Cash flow, bank viability to threaten operations as key short-term implications of no vote
  • Madagascar: Failed motion of censure highlights tensions between executive, legislature
  • Indonesia: New water regulations provide some legal certainty but likely to restrict foreign investment
  • Tunisia: Declaration of state of emergency, dismissal of officials reflect government’s reactive anti-terrorism strategy
  • Brazil: Proposed reduction of age of criminal responsibility unlikely to lead to security improvements
  • Uruguay: Rising homicide rates indicate heightened security threats
  • Guatemala: Murder of mayoral candidate presages further incidents of political violence ahead of general election
  • Nepal: Government likely to pass constitution in coming months despite Supreme Court’s objections
  • Papua New Guinea: Conviction of police chief unlikely to damage prime minister

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