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  • Mexico: Opposition coalition to secure victory in Nayarit state elections
  • Brazil: Replacement of justice minister unlikely to substantially affect corruption investigations
  • Americas: Arrest of Guatemalan fugitive in El Salvador highlights security co-operation in Northern Triangle
  • Peru: Anti-narcotics strategy unlikely to alter country’s status as drug production, trafficking hub
  • Egypt: Attack on pilgrims highlights heightened intent to target Coptic Christians
  • Algeria: Formation of new government shows positioning by factions ahead of 2019 presidential election
  • Indonesia: Stable policymaking to persist with continued support of ruling coalition member
  • Malaysia: Foreign partnership agreement unlikely to reduce immediate non-payment risks for national carmaker
  • Asia & the Pacific: Latest US patrols in South China Sea unlikely to signal significant US policy change on China
  • Iran: President’s re-election to reinforce political stability

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