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  • Mexico: Arrest of Morelos police officers highlights persistence of corruption in law enforcement
  • Mexico: Limited interest in first oil round likely to prompt government to implement regulatory changes
  • Turkmenistan: Contractual, non-payment risks likely to increase as low oil, gas prices persist
  • Turkey: Attack on pipeline indicates increasing terrorism risk for oil and gas infrastructure
  • Saudi Arabia: Nuclear agreement solidifies low war risk; kingdom to focus on countering Iran’s regional interventions
  • Romania: Change in governing party’s leadership unlikely to stabilise political situation in longer term
  • United Kingdom: Tougher stance likely on company-owned properties in attempt to curb money-laundering
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Opposition alliance’s selection of leader unlikely to improve prospects at October presidential poll
  • Bahrain: Bomb attack targeting police highlights persistent low-level Shia militancy
  • Russia: Counterterrorism operation reflects persistent militant activity, extremist threat in North Caucasus
  • Iraq: Turkish strikes on PKK underscore HIGH security risks in KR border areas; overall risks unlikely to rise
  • Lebanon: Refuse-collection dispute, postponed cabinet session reflect premier’s increasingly precarious position
  • Nigeria: Cancelled summit points to former Niger delta militants’ likely failure to extract government concessions 
  • Syria: President’s admission of military setbacks underlines opposition’s continued degradation of state’s capabilities
  • India: Proposals suggest government keen to protect intellectual property but major improvements unlikely
  • India: Federally ruling party likely to face strong opposition in Bihar state elections
  • Paraguay: Ruling party primary highlights internal divisions, governance challenges to persist
  • Peru: Absence of dialogue between government, community groups likely to presage further unrest in south
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Prison break highlights deficiencies in penitentiary system
  • Indonesia: Church attacks, demolitions highlight government’s reluctance to defend religious minorities

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