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  • Romania: Efforts to modernise agriculture sector unlikely to significantly alter risk environment for foreign investors
  • Greece: Mail bomb injury to former prime minister underlines persistent anarchist threat
  • Kenya: Petition to prevent election candidates from standing likely to fuel localised unrest
  • Gambia: Freezing of former president’s assets signals government’s intent to recover misappropriated funds
  • Iran: Lifting of non-nuclear sanctions unlikely, notwithstanding president’s statements
  • South Sudan: National dialogue, government’s unilateral ceasefire unlikely to improve security environment
  • Russia: Disruption of plot to attack transportation in capital underlines security force capabilities
  • Kosovo: New coalitions, early elections unlikely to lead to increased political instability, inter-ethnic violence
  • Yemen: Southern representatives’ political demands increase threat of partition, civil war
  • Tanzania: Dismissals in mining sector highlight president’s nationalism, corruption focus
  • Mozambique: Opposition leader's criticism of government’s slow troop withdrawal unlikely to threaten ceasefire
  • Kazakhstan: Restrictions on presidential candidates to reinforce political status quo; not indicative of imminent succession announcement
  • India: Scenarios: Government likely to play safe on reforms
  • Worldwide Terrorist Threats: High rate of failure, likelihood of detection mean that sophisticated Islamist terrorist attacks will remain rare
  • Indonesia: Police warning against vigilantism reflects elevated operational, security risks during Ramadan
  • Mid East & N Africa: Militant threats in countries experiencing instability likely to increase during Ramadan
  • Philippines: Scrapping of airport tender reflects persistent regulatory risk facing major infrastructure projects
  • Bangladesh: Removal of statue from court premises highlights growing religious conservatism, protests likely
  • Philippines: Communist rebels’ condemnation of Mindanao martial law unlikely to bring significant rise in attacks
  • Asia & the Pacific: Former Malaysian prime minister’s comments on automotive deal unlikely to derail Malaysia-China ties

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