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  • Mexico: Government to look to increase tax compliance following 2016 budget cuts
  • Cameroon: Report by anti-graft agency highlights pervasive corruption risks
  • Iraq: Risk of war over disputed territories remains low for time being
  • Niger: Cancellation of high-profile fashion show underlines continued threat of one-off terrorist attacks in capital
  • Azerbaijan: Clashes between police, religious community likely to recur but remain localised
  • Honduras: Multiple homicides highlight challenging security environment in principal urban areas
  • Congo (DRC): Decentralisation, appointment of interim governors to increase tax risk
  • Argentina: Opposition candidate's victory likely to lead to decrease in currency risk
  • Turkey: Arrest of journalists underlines persistent high pressure, operational risks for opposition-linked media
  • Benin: Prime minister to emerge as presidential frontrunner following nomination as ruling coalition’s candidate
  • France: Security measures for climate conference reflect high state of alert, not imminent threats
  • Morocco: Dismantling of alleged militant cell reflects continued attempts by IS to recruit within kingdom
  • Macedonia: Investigation into PM, closest aides to boost judicial independence, reduce re-election prospects
  • Japan: Construction scandal likely to lead to tougher penalties, safety inspections
  • Thailand: Police questioning of academics likely to exacerbate public discontent, maintain risk of unrest
  • Equatorial Guinea: Stability, integrity risks to rise over presidential succession
  • South Africa: Divisions in trade union federation to continue to drive labour unrest
  • Pakistan: Increased potential for reprisal attacks in Punjab following killing of sectarian militant group’s founder
  • Qatar: Flooding highlights persistent infrastructural deficiencies
  • China: Further reform guidelines unlikely to significantly improve state-owned enterprises’ operations

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