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  • Tajikistan: Scenarios: Elite infighting increases
  • Mid East & N Africa: Attack on Israeli embassy in Jordan unlikely to do lasting damage to bilateral relations
  • Mid East & N Africa: Tensions over access to Jerusalem holy sites unlikely to increase security threats across region
  • Indonesia: Proposed law to weaken safeguards for sustainably produced palm oil
  • Gambia: Arrest of soldiers on mutiny charges illustrates hardening government stance towards internal security threats
  • Malaysia: Growing opposition co-operation unlikely to threaten ruling coalition in next elections
  • Philippines: Provocative attack on presidential security points to entrenched risks from communist insurgency
  • Tanzania: Arrest of high-profile opposition politician unlikely to prompt large-scale protests
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Break-up of government coalitions to increase political instability at country, entity levels
  • Saudi Arabia: Reorganisation of national security apparatus unlikely to cause political instability, significantly affect counterterror operations
  • East Timor: Major parties likely to form coalition after parliamentary elections; political stability to persist
  • Italy: Guilty verdict in organised crime case underlines criminal involvement in local government tender processes
  • Philippines: Protests against martial law unlikely to turn violent
  • Sudan: Removal of US sanctions remains likely despite delay
  • Mid East & N Africa: Certification of compliance with nuclear agreement, new punitive measures by US point to persistently high sanctions risk in Iran

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