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We are a specialist global risk consultancy that helps organisations succeed in a volatile world. Through insight, intelligence and technology, we help you seize opportunities while remaining secure, compliant and resilient. When crises and complex issues arise, we help you recover.


RiskMap 2018

RiskMap 2018

RiskMap is our forecast of the year ahead in political and security risk. 2018 promises the strongest economic growth in a decade, but also a host of geopolitical uncertainties. In a world of assertive leaders and populist imperatives, knowing the mind of the person at the top is critical.

The Control Risks mission

Everything we do is based on our guiding belief that risk-taking is an essential pre-requisite of your success, writes Richard Fenning, CEO, Control Risks.

Sharing insights, informing the debate

We aim to bring clarity to complex situations - wherever they are - informing the debate on the world’s most important issues.

Beyond the org chart

The implications of China’s government reorganisation

The Chinese government is reorganising government ministries, commissions and other agencies, and their roles and responsibilities. Collectively, these changes constitute a major transformation of the policy and regulatory landscape for companies in China.

Competing leadership styles and political turbulence

Optimism and turbulence in 2018

The year ahead is beset by uncertainty and confusion, but this view is confounded by bullish economic data. Will markets finally respond in 2018?

Political violence and crime

Political violence and crime rise 

2017 saw a 17% global rise in incidents of war, terrorism, unrest and crime with commercial impact. What were the key trends and how will they evolve?

About us

About us

Helping organisations succeed in a volatile world.

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Control Risks CORE is the essential risk monitoring tool kit.

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Political violence and crime incident report, Q4 2017

Political Violence and Crime Incident Report

This quarterly report is designed to help organisations gain a better understanding of incident trends throughout the year, using our new risk monitoring tool CORE.

Politics, policy and practice - the three P's of corruption

Politics, policy and practice - the three P's of corruption

Wherever a company operates, politics or the prevailing political climate defines the severity of corruption regulations and enforcement.

Maritime risk 2017 in review

Maritime Risk, 2017 in review

From data logged in our specialist online maritime platform, we see global maritime security incidents continue to decline, but new threats are emerging.