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  • Tunisia: US loan guarantee, IMF extension highlight international support, will cushion impact of economic reforms
  • Asia & the Pacific: Flight patrols likely to raise tensions in South China Sea dispute
  • Ethiopia: Reputational risks to persist following ruling party’s anticipated election victory
  • Sri Lanka: Domestic war crimes probe unlikely to progress rapidly despite president’s backing
  • Macedonia: Diplomatic efforts, Kosovo protests indicate increasing international dimension of political crisis
  • Africa: French operations against Islamists, traffickers in Sahel-Sahara underline continued effectiveness of targeted military operations
  • Syria: IS takeover of Iraq border crossing strengthens group’s supply lines
  • Angola: Reported killing of rebel commander reflects military’s dominance in Cabinda exclave
  • Pakistan: Arrests in connection with Karachi violence highlight complexity of militant landscape
  • Paraguay: Anti-government protests unlikely to alter government’s business-friendly stance
  • Myanmar: Citizenship call does not guarantee shift in main opposition party’s stance on Muslim minority
  • China: Tougher food safety law will raise penalties but local enforcement likely to vary
  • Indonesia: Extension of tax breaks boosts investment prospects
  • Malaysia: Police warning of kidnap plots highlights threat from Islamic State-inspired groups
  • Peru: Alleged link with organised criminal group highlights importance of drug trafficking for Shining Path
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Drop in revenues likely to increase non-payment risks associated with state oil company
  • Iraq: Militant seizure of Ramadi, deployment of Shia militias likely to undermine prime minister
  • Algeria: State likely to have sufficient revenues to stave off immediate impact of low oil prices
  • Malaysia: Kidnap at coastal restaurant in Sabah marks first incident since sea curfew imposed
  • Botswana: Warning of energy shortages highlights power supply challenges

Drivers of Disruption

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Militant seizure of Ramadi

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