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  • Mexico: Investment risk to further decrease despite deferral of Supreme Court's ruling; corruption risk unchanged
  • Mexico: Scenarios: Economic uncertainty to continue with NAFTA renegotiation
  • Mexico: Deployment of federal security forces to Quintana Roo unlikely to improve security in short term
  • Brazil: Proposed bill in Minas Gerais reminder of tiger kidnapping threat
  • Italy: Earthquakes, heavy snow compound infrastructure problems in central regions
  • Gambia: Increased risk of military intervention by regional forces to bring a swift end to Jammeh’s rule
  • United Kingdom: Prime Minister’s key speech on UK departure from EU likely to accelerate business decision-making
  • Pakistan: Threats from sectarian attacks to persist despite killing of militant group’s leader
  • Romania: President’s intervention, public protests highlight growing opposition to government’s move to weaken anti-corruption efforts
  • Egypt: Attack on police checkpoint reflects limited success of counterterrorism operations
  • South Sudan: Contradictory statements by government officials likely to delay deployment of extra peacekeepers
  • Congo (DRC): Currency, sovereign risks to rise despite central bank measures
  • Poland: Slow absorption of EU-funds, weak institutional capacity likely to inhibit improvements in transport infrastructure
  • Saudi Arabia: Shootings, arrest underscore continued low-level violence in Qatif
  • Spain: Arrests underline continued use of exclaves for extremist activities; no increase in terrorism risk
  • Malaysia: Criticisms of foreign-local property development likely to pose limited reputational risks
  • Moldova: President’s suggestion to annul EU association agreement reflects political divisions
  • China: Counterfeit food investigation highlights expanding enforcement, reputational risks for business
  • Myanmar: Rising risk of communal tensions, violence further spreading beyond Rakhine state

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