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  • Bangladesh: Continued trial of opposition leader, government crackdown likely to fuel risk of further protests
  • India: Protests in Rajasthan likely to continue until compromise reached
  • Afghanistan: Attack on guesthouse in capital signals persistent threats to assets associated with West
  • Tajikistan: Russian anti-narcotics aid pledge highlights enduring drug trade threat, focus on border security
  • Madagascar: Vote to impeach president to raise risk of political instability
  • Rwanda: Popular support for removal of term limits to pave way for largely peaceful re-election bid for president
  • Nigeria: Attack in Borno state reflects failure of military to eradicate Islamist militant threat in north-east
  • Indonesia: Poso raid underscores resilience of terrorist networks despite security crackdowns
  • Malaysia: Controversial dam construction undermines state government’s reform commitments
  • Netherlands: Governing coalition’s loss of majority in senate likely to slow down policymaking
  • Lebanon: Hizbullah pledge to become more involved in Syrian war will place added pressure on security along Lebanese border
  • Worldwide Terrorist Threats: In-depth: ‘Far-fetched’ understates implausibility of nuclear terrorism scenario
  • Ukraine: Killing of top rebel commander unlikely to undermine ceasefire, improve security situation in east
  • Libya: Assassination attempt on prime minister highlights persistent insecurity, obstacles to political resolution
  • Dominican Republic: Investigation of former mayor, government officials highlights persistent official misconduct
  • Bolivia: Regulatory environment to remain unchanged despite rising hydrocarbons investment
  • Kenya: Scenarios: Political infighting undermines policymaking
  • Germany: Draft data retention law likely to face political hurdles, increase operational costs for ICT businesses
  • India: Proposed goods and services tax will simplify tax regime but system likely to be poorly designed
  • Zimbabwe: Dismissals point to continued succession-related infighting in ruling party

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