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  • Kazakhstan: Early elections confirmed for April to reinforce the status quo, incumbent likely to secure another term
  • Uruguay: Broad policy continuity to continue following inauguration of new president
  • Russia: Murder of opposition politician unlikely to affect political stability, prompt widespread unrest
  • Nigeria: Military gains against Islamist militant group to increase threat of bomb attacks in northern urban areas
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Maintenance of ruling alliance to boost incumbent’s re-election bid
  • Egypt: Delay to elections likely following court ruling, thus highlighting challenges to implementation of political roadmap
  • Turkey: Security bill unlikely to have positive impact, threatens to destabilise Kurdish peace process
  • Malaysia: Rally in support of jailed opposition leader likely to keep case in spotlight; violence unlikely
  • Asia & the Pacific: Further protests likely on Nauru but government unlikely to end support for Australian asylum policy
  • Colombia: Threat of violent crime, corruption to persist following break-up of criminal organisation in capital

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