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  • Turkey: Government conflicts, election politics to slow down peace process
  • Slovakia: Continued interference in strategic sectors likely as state takes control of hydropower plant
  • Israel: Right-wing government most likely outcome of coalition negotiations
  • Armenia: Calls for non-stop protests to bring down president unlikely to gain wide following, prompt unrest
  • Sweden: Rise in far-right extremist activity reflects persistent trend, not indicative of increased security risk
  • Afghanistan: Bombing near presidential palace points to increasing number of militant attacks in capital during summer months
  • Nigeria: Clashes, attacks likely in political hotspots during voting on 28 March
  • Congo (DRC): Maintenance of UN troop levels highlights growing concerns over political trajectory, eastern insecurity
  • Kenya: President’s speech suggests increased commitment to fighting corruption; implementation to remain challenging
  • Indonesia: Revocation of foreign investment permits does not signal increasing contractual risk
  • Mauritania: Media outlet’s report claiming enhanced co-ordination between militant groups likely to be exaggerated; terrorism risk rating remains MEDIUM
  • Colombia: Death of guerrilla fighter underlines threat of sporadic attacks, unlikely to undermine peace agreement
  • Guatemala: In-depth: Judicial deficiencies to persist irrespective of extension of UN body’s mandate
  • Panama: Canal dispute heralds increased contract scrutiny, not cancellation
  • Myanmar: Army’s clashes with insurgents lessen chances of comprehensive ceasefire before crucial elections
  • New Caledonia (France): Elections likely after failure of proposed new coalition

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