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  • Niger: Formation of national unity government unlikely to significantly affect policymaking
  • Bulgaria: Price cartel investigation signals improving enforcement of competition regulation in oil, gas sector
  • Afghanistan: Insider attack, Taliban assaults underscore persistent militant threat
  • Ukraine: Assassination of rebel leader highlights internal divisions among rebel factions
  • Ukraine: Elections in eastern Ukraine likely to remain sticking point in roadmap peace talks
  • Mexico: Organised crime-related murders underline increasing violence in Ciudad Juárez
  • Asia & the Pacific: Latest North Korean missile tests reflect push to improve military technology; further tests likely
  • Nigeria: Clashes in Kaduna highlight threat of communal violence in central states
  • Pakistan: Panama Papers investigations unlikely to result in change of government
  • Brazil: Arrest of former house speaker unlikely to have significant impact on governance
  • Japan: Change in ruling party constitution likely to extend prime minister’s party leadership, premiership
  • Myanmar: In-depth: Heightened likelihood of communal violence following police border attacks, sweeping operations
  • Norway: Lawsuit, interest group demands signal increasing pressure to block oil, gas exploration in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Africa: Emergence of self-proclaimed Islamic State affiliate to spur militant competition in the Sahel
  • Nigeria: Government efforts to broaden national tax base to increase tax risks
  • Suriname: Scenarios: Austerity measures remain in place
  • Ireland: Police, teachers’ strikes likely to go ahead, have limited impact on security, businesses
  • Nigeria: Cult group clashes underline volatile security environment in Niger delta
  • Iran: Cabinet reshuffle unlikely to increase political instability over coming weeks
  • Libya: Armed forces’ statement following meeting in capital highlights barriers to political reconciliation

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