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  • South Africa: Union split signals fracturing of labour movement, likely to prompt short-term increase in strikes
  • Yemen: Continued Houthi advances increase likelihood of limited ground intervention
  • Europe & CIS: Russian gas supplies to European consumers likely to be secure following Ukraine gas price deal
  • Kosovo: War veterans' protests underscore threat of limited political unrest; violence, escalation unlikely
  • Asia & the Pacific: Diplomatic conflict between China, Philippines underscores territorial tensions in South China Sea
  • Zambia: President’s statement points to likely significant amendments to mining sector fiscal regime
  • Congo (DRC): President’s talks with US counterpart underscore growing international concern over electoral roadmap
  • Saudi Arabia: Land tax points to likelihood of further regulatory uncertainty
  • Palestinian Territories: Hamas leader’s comments point to continued severe tensions between Palestinians, Israelis
  • Nigeria: Incumbent’s concession of defeat, broad credibility of polls to reduce political tensions, threat of violence
  • Mauritania: Issue of presidential succession to become increasingly pressing after Abdelaziz pledges not to seek third term of office
  • Germany: Proposal to impose climate fees on old power plants likely to be watered down
  • Turkey: Fatal hostage-taking illustrates continuing militant leftist threat
  • India: Clashes between police, Naxalites highlight security threats in insurgency-affected states
  • Bolivia: Local election losses for ruling party unlikely to undermine president’s position
  • Peru: Congress vote to remove prime minister underlines government’s weak position
  • Panama: Growing focus on environment to bring tighter regulation, rising risk of contract suspension
  • Colombia: Guerrilla attack near major highway does not indicate increased terrorism threat

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