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  • China: Foreign e-commerce providers face increased regulatory supervision despite eased investment rules
  • Mexico: Increase in violent crime highlights deteriorating security environment in Tabasco
  • Libya: Sustained unrest highlights increased risk of non-payment, disruption to production
  • Iraq: Non-payment risk to persist in Kurdistan Region despite independent oil exports
  • Uganda: Opposition clashes with police underscore heightened security threats in capital ahead of 2016 general elections
  • Tanzania: Integrity risks stable in next year despite likely passage of new transparency legislation
  • Nigeria: Government probe into state oil company signals start of drive to increase scrutiny of oil revenues
  • Nigeria: Vice-president’s visit to Maiduguri highlights government intent to combat Islamist militant campaign
  • Tajikistan: Personnel shake-up in anti-corruption agency unlikely to reflect increased commitment to fight graft
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Instability, antagonism to persist as entity leadership challenges state-level, international authority
  • Afghanistan: Clashes along Pakistan border to strain bilateral relations, unlikely to lead to further conflict
  • Egypt: Deadly explosions, clashes in North Sinai point to escalation of insurgency, notwithstanding military campaign
  • Indonesia: Police comments on local groups sympathetic to Islamic State do not suggest imminent attack
  • Iraq: Raid on commercial offices highlights varied security environment in Basra province
  • Chile: New education minister does not indicate policy priority shift, unlikely to reduce frequency of protests
  • Cuba: Announcement on embassy reopening major symbolic step but few implications for investors
  • United States: Ruling to end legal challenges to Obamacare; give boost to health insurance market
  • China: National security law likely to lead to stricter regulation of foreign IT providers
  • Indonesia: Provincial governor’s demands for gas stake suggest contract concerns will persist in energy sector

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