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  • Nigeria: Insecurity to increase in Niger delta region as peace talks likely to fail
  • Nigeria: Scenarios: Reform, diversification efforts progress slowly amid continued fiscal weakness
  • Turkmenistan: Tighter foreign currency controls likely to affect foreign operators, underscore deteriorating economy
  • Moldova: No-confidence motion unlikely to pass, underlines continued political uncertainty
  • Brazil: High-profile abduction, unprecedented ransom demand reminder of kidnapping risk in São Paulo
  • Malawi: Publication of audit into corruption scandal likely to be delayed as president seeks to protect key ministers
  • Tunisia: Militant group’s claim highlights HIGH terrorism risk in western mountainous areas
  • Afghanistan: Security operations likely to degrade capabilities of IS-affiliated militants
  • Pakistan: Terrorism risks to remain MEDIUM in Xinjiang; Pakistan-China joint counterterrorism efforts to persist
  • Lebanon: IS’s call for attacks across Lebanon points to increased militant activity in Palestinian refugee camps
  • Africa: Islamist militant threat to persist despite Nigerian army's claim of victory
  • Kyrgyzstan: Calls for overhaul of mining regulation unlikely to be heeded, high risks in sector to persist
  • Albania: New power line to Macedonia to gradually reduce threat of electricity shortages
  • South Sudan: National security risk rating revised to HIGH amid renewed violence, rebel splits
  • Asia & the Pacific: ASEAN-China talk indicates bid to restrict maritime escalation; short-term resolution unlikely
  • Ukraine: Sovereign risks stable despite stalled privatisation plans, IMF funding
  • Peru: Homicide statistics highlight challenges in security environment in select urban areas
  • Mexico: Murder statistics for 2015 underscore Mexico's continuing security challenges

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