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  • Mexico: Tax authority’s tactics to delay, block refunds point to further tax risk increase
  • Panama: Indefinite teachers’ strike highlights strength of union movement in education sector
  • Brazil: Terrorism risk temporarily raised to MEDIUM following growing threats around Olympic Games
  • El Salvador: Judicial obstructionism to compound president’s governance problems throughout his term in office
  • Guatemala: Scenarios: Corruption crackdown continues
  • Ukraine: Journalist’s murder unlikely to prompt deterioration in security environment
  • Nigeria: Stagflation, insufficient dollar liquidity to sustain currency risk
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Further protests likely over electricity tariffs
  • Gambia: Sentencing of protesters likely to further undermine opposition prospects in elections
  • Algeria: New investment law unlikely to reduce regulatory risk
  • Austria: Charges against former minister underline continued fight against high-level corruption
  • Mozambique: Sovereign risk to remain elevated despite planned spending cuts
  • Israel: Approval of two-year budgetary period unlikely to significantly increase sovereign risk
  • Hungary: New government structure reflects increasing focus on 2018 elections, likely to complicate decision-making
  • Turkey: Failed coup attempt likely to lead to further political consolidation, indicates persistent regime change risk
  • Niger: Economic slowdown, high security spending to increase tax risks, perpetuate non-payment issues
  • Pakistan: Paramilitary force’s mandate for counterterrorism operations in Sindh likely to be extended over coming days
  • Zimbabwe: Withdrawal of support from war veterans likely to contribute to president’s removal
  • Syria: IS unlikely to heed rebels’ ultimatum to leave Manbij; increase in asymmetric attacks likely
  • South Sudan: Security environment to remain fragile amid rebel splits, lack of trust between warring parties

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