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  • Iraq: Potential Russian military involvement in Iraq unlikely to lower country's persistent war risk
  • Nigeria: Military gains against Islamist militants in north-east unlikely to reduce short-term threat
  • Chad: Attack on military in Lake Chad region highlights continued threat from Nigerian Islamist militant group
  • Congo: Integrity risks to rise amid French probe into ruling family’s assets
  • Mexico: Significant interest in oil, gas bidding round to relax investment restrictions
  • Poland: New local powers over environmental legislation likely to reduce regulatory predictability
  • Nicaragua: Clash between protesting miners and police highlights strength of union activism in mining sector
  • Turkey: Russian intervention in Syria, violation of Turkish airspace unlikely to increase security risks
  • Iran: Diversification of state revenue streams to reduce sovereign risks
  • Worldwide Terrorist Threats: Operation in Pakistan further limits Uighur militants’ operational capacity in China
  • Belgium: Small-scale violence during anti-austerity demonstration underlines social tensions; future union action likely
  • France: Attack on airline executives indicative of growing social tensions, government hesitance to intervene
  • Tajikistan: Risk of electricity supply shortages to persist as rationing introduced
  • Indonesia: Delays to power plant project reflect operational, security risks from land acquisition, management
  • Iraq: Easing of restrictions at International Zone not indicative of improving security environment
  • Algeria: Killing of alleged militants underscores HIGH security, terrorism risks outside urban centres
  • Vietnam: Sustained policy support for auto manufacturers unlikely despite proposed tax measure
  • Jamaica: Sentencing of official highlights pervasive public sector corruption
  • Mexico: Arrests in Quintana Roo state highlight continuing presence of organised criminal groups
  • Philippines: Bid to tackle informal mining sector unlikely to succeed

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