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  • El Salvador: Investigations highlight government crackdown on corruption in previous administrations
  • Bolivia: Killing of deputy minister by striking miners highlights significant escalation of violence
  • Honduras: Build-up to 2017 presidential poll to be dominated by re-election debate
  • Paraguay: Move by opposition to significantly decrease likelihood of president’s re-election
  • Ecuador: Protests highlight persistent threat of social unrest, to increase over next six months
  • Uruguay: Risk of political instability to remain low following ruling party leadership change
  • France: Mosque closures, cleric deportations reflect official anti-radicalisation policy
  • Belgium: Fire at forensic laboratory likely to be work of criminal gang seeking to destroy evidence
  • Libya: Gains against IS in Sirte will not immediately reduce militant threat
  • South Africa: Union disaffiliation underscores fracturing labour movement, operational disruption to increase
  • Taiwan: Multiple opposition wins in local by-elections reflect rising discontent with ruling party
  • Yemen: US peace initiative will likely lead to new round of negotiations
  • Mozambique: Further Renamo attacks likely after failure to reach ceasefire agreement
  • Asia & the Pacific: Chinese foreign minister’s visit to India unlikely to resolve tensions in bilateral relations
  • Iraq: Resumption of Kirkuk exports unlikely to impact non-payment, sovereign risks

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