Control Risks is an independent, global risk consultancy specialising in helping organisations manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments. We support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations, handling sensitive political issues and providing practical on-the-ground protection and support.

Our unique combination of services, geographical reach and the trust our clients place in us ensure we can help them to effectively solve their problems and realise new opportunities across the world.

  • Morocco: NGO’s legal threat against oil company highlights reputational, contract risks in Western Sahara
  • Nigeria: Delay in announcing cabinet to increase operational risks in coming month
  • Hungary: Anti-immigration protests, security incidents likely to remain limited despite signs of rising tensions
  • Lesotho: Regional inquiry into former army chief’s assassination unlikely to address underlying drivers of political violence
  • Sri Lanka: Shooting at government rally highlights potential for violence in run-up to elections
  • Uganda: President’s re-election bid to benefit from growing disarray among opposition parties
  • Ukraine: Clashes, casualties highlight limited prospects for progress during peace talks
  • Kosovo: Approval of new war crimes court amid international pressure likely to prompt protests
  • Iraq: Protests over provision of services highlight poor governance, potential for further unrest
  • India: Raising of foreign investment cap likely to lead to greater competition in insurance sector
  • Tunisia: Extension of state of emergency highlights militant threat, possible authoritarian drift
  • Yemen: Reported recapture of airbase to bolster anti-Houthi forces’ southern offensive
  • Libya: Clashes near Brega port highlight potential for incidental damage to commercial assets
  • Indonesia: Ongoing drought likely to pose operational, security threats in coming months
  • Chile: Fall in president’s approval ratings unlikely to undermine political stability
  • Brazil: Murder statistics highlight challenging security environment in north-east state
  • Belize: Robberies reflect persistent threat of violent crime in Belize City
  • China: Economic, political strains to persist but do not threaten short-term stability
  • Papua New Guinea: Ban on foreign consultants in government reflects tensions with Australia

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