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  • Zambia: Lifting of civil servant wage freeze unlikely to prompt increase in sovereign risk
  • Pakistan: Unrest in Punjab over lawyers’ killing likely to dissipate in coming days
  • Philippines: Easing of limits on foreign corporate, land ownership gains momentum
  • China: Hong Kong protest activities likely to increase before legislators’ reform vote
  • Malaysia: Internal opposition conflict does not signal imminent collapse of coalition
  • Iraq: In-depth: Deployment of Shia militias to Anbar, continued US air support underscore shifting strategy following militant gains
  • Bulgaria: Measures to cut red tape likely to decrease time, cost burden of regulations for companies
  • Denmark: Campaign to centre on welfare, immigration as prime minister calls snap elections; close vote likely
  • New Zealand: Budget likely to continue economic stability, growth
  • Armenia: Large protest over proposed energy price hike reflects discontent with government oversight of business
  • Liberia: Protest at palm oil plantation in Sinoe county underscores threat posed by community disputes
  • Lesotho: Alleged mutiny, assassination attempts highlight elevated risk of political instability
  • Palestinian Territories: Serious escalation unlikely following exchanges between Israel, Gaza-based militant group
  • Congo (DRC): Uncertainty around steep fiscal hikes in draft mining code likely to persist
  • South Sudan: Concentration of government forces in Upper Nile state increases risk of clashes in Greater Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal regions
  • Ecuador: Official corruption to persist despite arrests of assembly member and party activist
  • Brazil: Report underscores continued threat of counterfeit goods to businesses
  • Venezuela: Integrity risk to continue to rise amid drug-trafficking accusations against senior officials

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