Embedded Consulting Services

Dedicated resources to support your specialised needs 

In a rapidly changing business landscape, an agile, adaptable and dependable workforce can be the difference between capitalising on market shifts, meeting regulatory requirements and executing on strategic initiatives…or finding yourself behind the curve.

Embedded Consulting Services (ECS) offers a flexible approach to meeting your immediate and long-term resourcing needs. ECS is designed to ensure that you have the right personnel on hand to make your plans a reality. We cultivate a diverse and experienced talent pool to meet your specific business needs, and seamlessly integrate those resources into your organisation as a dedicated part of your team.

Our embedded consultants work exclusively for you while being supported by Control Risks’ global network of experts, best-in-class processes, and proven technologies. The best of both worlds. 

 How we can help you 

Whether you need a short-term resource or an entire team, we can provide personnel with the experience required. Our ECS team will: 

  • Source, hire and manage the right talent to carry out your vision.
  • Add the resources that you need, from interim cover to turnkey departmental solutions, to programmatic workforce programs and comprehensive security management solutions.
  • Supplement internal capabilities or the skillsets of current staff with Control Risks consultants.
  • Provide “reach back” for consultants to access to industry experts, cutting-edge technology and resources as a force multiplier.
  • Eliminate staffing, training and personnel management burden with our turnkey service.
  • Ensure ongoing personal and professional support to all of our consultants through a fully dedicated program management team.
  • Develop an agile, leveraged workforce plan that is tailored to achieve your business goals at scale.


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