Seerist is shaping the future of risk and threat intelligence

Seerist’s advanced threat intelligence solution gives security and intelligence teams the confidence to make strategic decisions based on trustworthy and insightful data. From event monitoring to geopolitical understanding, or decisions around your operational footprint, Seerist helps leaders guide and protect their organisations by enabling users to anticipate what will happen tomorrow, today.

“The service is very valuable because it gives us ready-made material that we're able to utilise when composing and updating the site plans. With the forecasting capability we're able to give a fact-based risk analysis on what to expect from this country – is it okay or is deterioration expected? The Seerist solution has worked well for us. The data we have been using has been accurate and hasn’t given us any surprises. It has a lot of functionality and is an expert tool and very versatile.”

Jouni Laiho Corporate Security Director, Wärtsilä

Seerist enables clients to: 

Forecast and detect disruptive events

You can’t see everything or be everywhere at once. But Seerist can. So, you will always know about potentially disruptive events even if they’re in places that weren’t on your radar. Combined with Control Risks’ expert analysis, you spend less time collecting information and more time making decisions that matter.


Identify trends in threat data

Seerist automates the collection and distillation of millions of global datasets. Providing you with insights into trends, gauging public perception surrounding events and potential elevated risk by exploring changes in sentiment and emotion, and the underlying influences.


Filter data for analysis and action

Seerist constantly monitors millions of datapoints that you can quickly explore using keywords, locations, event types, and date filters, gaining location-specific events and expert analysis to better interpret information and act upon it.


Monitor regional and in-country stability 

Seerist’s algorithm delivers real-time stability assessments and forecasts future stability for more than 1,200 cities, 8,000 regions, and every country in the world, providing an early-warning system to mitigate disruptive events.


Assess global geopolitical risk

Obtain a greater understanding of a country’s political, operational, security and cyber landscape with a color-coded, qualitative assessment of current levels of risk to operations.


Provide insight for critical decisions 

Seerist delivers easy-to-access, easy-to-understand strategic analysis, with source information, taking the guesswork out of threat and risk assessment, so organisations can review scenarios and make rapid, strategic decisions.

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