Geopolitical & Strategic Risk Advisory

Understand how geopolitical trends impact your business

With more organisations seeing their business strategy and operations affected by geopolitical risk, there is a growing need to understand how geopolitical and geo-economic trends impact your strategy, profitability, and operations. 

Our geopolitical advisory services combine in-house expertise on transnational issues with the perspectives of senior external experts from academic, diplomatic, policy and business circles. Whether you wish to stress-test the assumptions underlying your long-term global growth strategy, identify emerging risks, or conduct a review of enterprise or supply chain risks, you can benefit from our expertise. This can be a retained advisory service or ad-hoc consulting engagements on any geopolitical topics of interest.

Stay on top of the geopolitical risk landscape

We take a highly consultative approach to develop bespoke analytical solutions to help you better anticipate and respond to impacts from actual or potential developments. 

    We work with clients to:

  • Build a systematic framework to managing geopolitical risk
  • Develop macro scenarios and run future-proofing exercises
  • Identify emerging risks and monitor key geopolitical trends and implications for business (e.g., China-US, energy transition, Gulf security etc.)
  • Organise geopolitical or strategic risk workshops for global or regional management teams, run by our senior geopolitical risk analysts and/or including senior external experts from diplomatic, public policy, journalism and academic circles.
  • Produce internal or public-access insight reports on the current and emerging geopolitical and geo-economic context 

Our advisory support helps organisations improve their capability to forecast and manage longer-term risks as part of strategic planning, to test assumptions underlying the organisation’s growth strategy, and challenge groupthink among management teams.

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