Understand how geopolitical trends impact your business

We help organisations understand the complex issues defining international business, geopolitics and cross-border regulation so they can better anticipate change, identify opportunities, manage risks and ultimately shape the future of their organisation.

At a time when many businesses are re-evaluating some of the most fundamental assumptions they make about the world and where their company fits in it, we provide insight that shuns groupthink and bias to bring clarity and confidence to your strategic decisions.

Helping you excel in an uncertain world

For over 45 years Control Risks has advised organisations on the risks and opportunities shaping their businesses and the markets in which they operate. We can work with you to:

  • Stress test your strategic outlook in light of market, social and organisational changes
  • Develop new frameworks based on what you want your organisation to achieve
  • Benchmark the resilience of your strategic outlook


Case studies

Ranked in Band 1 for Political Risk by Chambers & Partners

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