Regulatory risk – gain the competitive advantage

At Control Risks we advise clients on how to interpret, anticipate, monitor and respond to an increasingly volatile regulatory environment, both at international level and in specific jurisdictions or sectors of operation. We rely on our granular understanding of political and social drivers of regulations and policy, as well as our experience in diverse sectors and our partnership with Oxford Economics. 

The regulatory and economic environment of a sector, country or region can have a huge impact on the success of your strategy. Whether you are already established as an organisation in a specific market/sector, or you are trying to gain access to that market, our insights can give you the competitive advantage to maximise opportunity.

Make informed decisions

Our advice and monitoring help government affairs, public policy, legal, and management teams inform their strategic planning cycle. Control Risks insights inform investment and operational decisions related to portfolios, and aid reporting to boards and shareholders. They also enhance government relations activities.

    We help clients with:

  • Identification and monitoring of trends in government public policy and regulatory landscape relevant to a sector/project/issue 
  • Political economy analysis to understand and monitor the drivers behind regulatory and policy developments
  • Macroeconomic forecasting by country/sector (in collaboration with our partners at Oxford Economics)
  • Risk-reward analysis to inform investment strategies


If you would like more information on how Control Risks can monitor policy regulations at global, national, and local level, which could have an impact on your business model, strategy or operations, read more below or get in touch with one of our experts. 

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