Understanding opportunities and risks in target markets

Control Risks has extensive experience supporting clients as they prepare to expand into new markets. Our range of market entry services, provided by one of the largest dedicated political risk teams in the industry, ensures that your organisation builds an objective understanding of opportunities and risks in your target markets.

From the early planning stage through to implementation, our practical recommendations and insights can help you make investment decisions and inform your strategy when planning operations on the ground. We provide companies with market entry support throughout the investment life cycle, including country, market, local and partner risk assessments. We assess both potential impediments and enabling factors for a successful market entry and operations, informed by our extensive on-the-ground presence.

Know the risks for entry and exit 

Our country risk due diligence services provide independent, expert views of the key challenges and obstacles that you need to manage if your organisation’s market entry is to succeed. Our comprehensive reporting enables you to learn from other companies’ experiences and thereby mitigate a wide range of risks.

    We can support your organisation throughout the market entry decision-making cycle, as follows:

  • Country due diligence/ risk assessments provide a comprehensive view of the political, security, operational, regulatory and social risks specific to that jurisdiction or project to inform a go/no-go decision and risk mitigation plans
  • Stakeholder mapping of key decision-makers and actors relevant to or impacted by your investment to inform your stakeholder engagement and government relations strategy
  • Partner due diligence to help you benchmark potential local partners against your own compliance and integrity criteria
  • Location benchmarking to help you decide on your project/office location based on granular threat exposure assessments

    Sometimes market landscapes change, and a departure is necessary. Managing a market exit can be complicated by different issues, such as a partner or government opposing your exit, or the impact such a move could have on local communities and businesses. If an exit is necessary, we can help you to ensure that your workforce, assets, and reputation remain safe by planning each step of your withdrawal:  

  • Risk assessment : understand key risks, anticipate stakeholder reactions, identify, and prioritise potential threats
  • Communication strategy: plan stakeholder management and limit reputational risks
  • Crisis management: prepare for crisis scenarios and plan for an accelerated exit
  • Security planning : protect your people, including those you leave behind, as well as your assets, and move them out of the country safely, while also securing any facilities and prevent damage


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