Barnaby Fletcher

Associate Director

  • Africa
  • Political and Economic Risk Monitoring
  • Market Entry/Exit Risk Assessment

Barnaby Fletcher, Associate Director, leads Control Risks analyst team for East and Southern Africa. He helps organisations to make informed decisions about emerging market opportunities by enabling them to understand the political, integrity and security risks to their operations in specific jurisdictions. He frequently travels to the region, where he maintains an extensive network of contacts. Barnaby speaks to the media regularly to share comments on topical developments, and has close relationships with policymakers and Africa-focused think tanks in Europe and in the region.

Recent tasks that Barnaby has worked on include:

  • A market entry assessment for a US financial services firm evaluating investments in multiple African markets, including analysis of telecommunications sectors and the potential for mobile-based financial services.

  • The creation of a detailed risk management framework for a major non-governmental organisation looking to standardise its risk management process across multiple African jurisdictions.

  • Ongoing monitoring of and consultation on political and security developments in a number of southern African countries for one of a leading multinational mining company.

  • Prior to joining Control Risks, Barnaby was a contributing analyst to the Economist Intelligence Unit, focusing on political and economic developments within sub-Saharan Africa. He also worked as executive editor of Global Business Reports, a business media company focused on the energy and mining industries, and has contributed work to publications including Engineering & Mining Journal, Hart’s E&P, and Oil & Gas Investor. He has previously worked with AKE Group and Africa Confidential.

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