Africa Risk-Reward Index

Africa Risk-Reward Index 2020: Reshaping Realities

In the fifth Africa Risk-Reward Index, Control Risks and Oxford Economics plot the most likely trajectory of Africa’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This recovery will not be simply about GDP growth, but about a wider transformation – and in particular a digitalisation – of the African economy. This will bring new opportunities for investors in a range of sectors, but also a host of new risks. The Africa Risk-Reward Index plots each country’s performance relative to its African peers by comparing some of the continent’s largest and emerging markets, offering investors a comparative snapshot of market opportunities and risks across Africa.

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Patricia Rodrigues
Andrew Freeman Andrew Freeman
Nicolas Reys
Barnaby Fletcher Barnaby Fletcher
Vincent Rouget Vincent Rouget
Bukola Bolarinwa
Henry Smith Henry Smith

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The potential in Africa is real, vast, and attainable. When it comes to unlocking this potential and achieving sustainable returns on investment, however, organisations will only find success if they have a thorough understanding the local political and socio-economic context, conduct comprehensive due diligence and maintain a robust risk appetite to see their investments through. 

For more than 40 years, Control Risks has been helping clients prepare and assess their investment risks and opportunities in Africa. With eight offices across five countries on the continent, alongside an unrivalled network of 400 embedded consultants and on-the-ground network, we can provide the support our clients need. We work with the largest investors into Africa and the largest African companies, from mining and energy to media and telecommunications. 

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