ESG Country Monitor

Understand your exposure to ESG risks with the support of on-the-ground intelligence and insight

Identifying credible and meaningful environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics is a critical step in understanding your material ESG exposures.  

Our ESG Country Monitor helps you to do just that. This intuitive dashboard uses qualitative analysis and forecasts based on policymaking assessments, open-source data and on-the ground intelligence to help you evaluate your exposure to sector-specific socio-economic, environmental and governance dynamics.

Find out how the ESG Country Monitor helps you understand your ESG exposure wherever you do business.

Our ESG country monitor is a subscription-based service that helps investors, strategy, compliance, security, and sustainability teams to:

  • Identify key potential ESG exposures for new investments and projects – Our ratings and country narrative will signal any potential material aspects to consider in your due diligence and risk assessments.
  • Anticipate and prioritise emerging risks – Our monthly ESG Risk Insights will provide business-oriented analysis on key trends impacting the ESG risk environment, helping risk management and strategy teams stay on top of their meaning. 
  • Accurately screen for country and third-party risks – Our country ESG ratings can inform the depth and frequency of third-party screening based on your organisation’s sector of operation and risk appetite.
  • Monitor risks in your project or investment portfolio – Identify jurisdictions and topics which require regular monitoring.
  • Report on your portfolio risk exposure - Use our thematic modules – with country data on biodiversity, decarbonisation, physical preparedness, native communities, forced labour, child labour, security and human rights, ESG policymaking, corruption and ESG supply-chain management - as part of your compliance reporting and disclosures.

Are you confident assessing your material ESG risks?

Whether you are interested in monitoring risks in your current portfolio or identifying potential exposure in new opportunities, our ESG Country Monitor provides the insight you need for informed decision-making. Find out more about the functionality, benefits, and underlying methodology.


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