Our ethical commitment

Control Risks expresses our commitment to high standards of ethics through our Code of Ethics as well as our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy and our Human Rights Policy. If any Control Risks employee has concerns about any aspect of the way that we implement these policies, we encourage them to speak to their managers or to refer to our Whistleblowing Hotline. Similarly, we are always ready to listen to anyone outside the company who wishes to raise a concern, make a complaint, or express a grievance relating to our ethical conduct.  

What you need to do

If you wish to raise a concern about Control Risks or its subcontractors, you should either contact one of our employees directly or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Please give as much information as possible of the circumstances and the reasons why you believe Control Risks to be at fault. 

We encourage you to share your name and contact details because this makes it much easier to respond. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your name, we will respect your wish to remain anonymous. If possible, we will set up an alternative line of communication, for example through an anonymous e-mail account. 

Our response

We will respond to your communication promptly, and in any case within five working days.  Our first steps will be to make an initial evaluation of your concern and then to appoint a Control Risks point of contact. If we can resolve the matter quickly, we will do so. If we need time to conduct an investigation, our point of contact will offer progress updates and report on the outcome. 

We will respect your confidentiality as far as possible and subject to the requirements of the law. However, if it emerges that a criminal act may have taken place, we may need to report the matter to the appropriate government authorities. We will give our full support to any subsequent government investigation and, in those circumstances, we may be required to share details of any correspondence with you. 

Our policy

Control Risks will provide full details of our formal internal policy on responding to external concerns and complaints on request. 

Information about the grievance process in Iraq

Corporate Responsibility

At Control Risks, corporate responsibility is integral to the services we provide and the way we run our business.