All personnel and the public may submit a grievance to Control Risks. 

Personnel are encouraged to speak to their line manager as per the Internal Grievance procedure or may use the Whistleblowing procedure. These can be requested from HR and managers and employees are trained on these procedures. 

The public wishing to submit an external grievance to Control Risks in Iraq should follow Iraq’s Third Party Complaints procedure explained below. Further information may be requested from the Compliance Teams. Grievances submitted can be violations against international, national and local laws or human rights, or non-compliance to the standards that Control Risks is certified to.

External grievances 

may be submitted in English, Kurdish or Arabic to the Compliance Team verbally or in writing;

Kurdish Region of Iraq: [email protected] / +964 750 582 5137
Federal Iraq: [email protected] / +964 780 924 8298

  • Grievances may be submitted anonymously and shall be treated confidentially. 
  • External grievances received shall be acknowledged within 1 day. 
  • Control Risks in Iraq will investigate the complaint in a fair and transparent manner ensuring there is independent oversight and no conflict of interest.
  • Control Risks shall communicate with appropriate authorities where necessary and shall cooperate with official external investigations.
  • Root causes will be identified where necessary and corrective and/or preventive actions shall be taken, including disciplinary action commensurate with any infractions.
  • Control Risks shall seek to resolve the complaint within 7 days, providing regular updates to the person raising the grievance.
  • Control Risks shall seek to reach a resolution with the person raising the grievance that is satisfactory to both sides. If is not possible to agree on a solution, the grievance may be escalated to the Appeal Committee for review and final decision.
  • Both personnel and the public also have the right to report grievances to a competent authority.


Arabic and Kurdish versions of the Grievance Process in Iraq

Corporate Responsibility

At Control Risks, corporate responsibility is integral to the services we provide and the way we run our business.