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Control Risks is a global risk consultancy with more than 3,000 experts helping investors, corporates and financial institutions assess their risks and develop mitigation strategies. Our experts provide comprehensive analysis of hard-to-get intelligence in local contexts in more than 170 jurisdictions.

    We help investors create operational value throughout the investment lifecycle. We assess and develop strategies for:

  • Political risk, stakeholder analysis, and strategic intelligence
  • ESG and sustainable business
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and global standards, e.g. financial crime, trade sanctions, ESG and data management
  • Background, track record, integrity, and reputation diligence of individuals and entities
  • Business resilience, cyber threats and other digital risks
  • Physical security threats facing real assets and key principals/high-net-worth individuals


How we can help

Some of our recent work 

  • An investor engaged in a politically sensitive privatisation in southern Europe wanted to make smart, data-driven decisions throughout the process.  Our experts profiled the decision-makers involved, advised on engagement strategies with the government and other interest groups, and provided detailed analysis of the country's political and regulatory outlook.  
  • A client was preparing to acquire a real estate fund in Europe and engaged our experts to conduct thorough due diligence. Our team provided profiles on the management team, potential significance of leadership and ownership changes, and industry perceptions of the fund's investment track record and reputation across Europe to help the client make smart, long-term decisions.   
  • The external counsel of a large private equity firm needed pre- and post-acquisition anti-corruption assessments in the oil and gas sector. Control Risks worked with the external counsel to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment. This team highlighted areas of the business which presented high levels of compliance risk and areas where corruption controls needed improvement. 

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