China is set on securing its place in the global hierarchy as it transitions from an economy dominated by manufacturing and exports to one led by technology and services. To this end, the administration of President Xi Jinping has brought in a legal and policy framework that fundamentally alters the landscape for foreign businesses.

China is still an opportunity, but the rules of the game have changed forever. The coming phase of China’s development is going to be highly disruptive and some businesses will not survive. What steps should foreign multinationals take to future-proof their China business?



As the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak continues to grow, organisations across the globe find themselves in various stages of the crisis management lifecycle. Understanding the longer-term implications of the COVID-19 outbreak, and how you need to respond will be critical to a rapid commercial recovery.

China's Cyber Security Law

China is developing a unique cyber security and data protection regime that will fundamentally change the corporate information technology landscape.

Government affairs in China

The intensifying focus on regulatory reform and enforcement in China means government affairs needs to broaden beyond market access to deal with risk management.

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