Yifei Zhang

General Manager, East China

  • Asia Pacific
  • Security Risk Management
  • Operational and Protective Services
  • Ethics, Compliance and Governance
  • ESG and Sustainable Business

Yifei Zhang is the General Manager for Control Risks in East China. He works with clients to understand what specific risks their businesses face across different markets and assists them in designing mitigation solutions so that they can seize opportunities for growth.

Yifei has extensive experience providing multinational companies and investors with solutions across business strategy, understanding regulatory risks, market and business intelligence, and complex compliance reviews. Yifei also regularly supports companies in market entry projects and in evaluating new business partners, as well as working with them to prepare for complex security matters.

Yifei has worked closely with clients in the ICT, financial services, automotive and healthcare sectors.

Recent tasks that Yifei has worked on include:

  • Reviews into compliance breaches, including whistleblower management, for multiple companies in the healthcare sector facing FCPA and mainland China regulatory difficulties.
  • Crisis and security solutions in restructuring and business disputes gone bad.
  • Market and competitor intelligence, strategy setting and distribution chain analysis for a leading special materials manufacturer expanding in the China market. 
  • Assessments and checks into overseas partners, to understand their integrity, assets and reliability, for Chinese investment funds focused on Belt and Road Initiative projects.
  • Assessments and forward-looking analysis for Chinese technology companies entering politically uncertain new markets, to align decision making with regulatory risks.
  • Helped Chinese companies review investment decisions into high-risk overseas regions, evaluating their crisis and security management structures, training programmes and market entry approaches.
  • Yifei graduated from Georgetown University with a master’s degree in security studies and from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is a native speaker of Mandarin and English.

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