Understand the evolving global risk landscape

Understanding and managing political risk has become increasingly important for companies as the global risk landscape evolves and new complexities emerge that could affect your operations, workforce, and reputation.

Through the development of political risk management frameworks, our experienced consultants can help you gain competitive advantages by building internal frameworks (and associated capabilities) to anticipate and manage political risks across your activities. 

Our diverse client base gives our consultants and analysts wide exposure to best practice across sectors and regions, making us best placed to advise on your unique political risk management programme. We provide guidance on the appropriate tools, approaches, processes, skillsets, and roles for managing political risk effectively, and help you to embed these across sectors and jurisdictions of operation. 

Build your organisation’s capacity to anticipate and manage political risks 

    Our experienced political risk management consultants can help your organisation develop frameworks and tools that embed political risk into strategy formulation and/or risk management processes.  Our support can include one or more of the following services:

  • Design an overarching framework for assessing and managing political risk within your organisation, including drafting of relevant tools, templates, processes and governance frameworks 
  • Design and implementation of geopolitical risk monitoring frameworks to support strategy formulation at regional/global level in the organisation
  • Political risk analysis training for in-house analysts or risk managers  
  • Embedded political risk analysts to build capacity and/or fill in capability gaps.


Putting in place a systematic, objective way of anticipating and responding to political risks can reduce bias and groupthink among your management and investor teams. This will allow you to maximise opportunities and focus your limited resources on real, rather than perceived, risks and ultimately enhance your organisation’s competitive advantage. Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more.

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