Risk Monitoring

Security intelligence and advisory for an evolving security environment 

Ongoing security intelligence and advisory allows you and your stakeholders to make timely and well-informed decisions about necessary risk mitigation or responses. Control Risks is here to help, with monitoring services to keep you and your people fully updated on anything that might impact or change your plans.  

Whether you have an important event coming up and need to stay informed about any changes to the security environment prior to, or during the event, or you’re involved in a long-term project and want to stay informed about changing conditions for doing business, we can help.

Should a country be struck by a high-impact event, we can keep you informed about the aftermath and monitor any impact on the security environment. If your organisation operates in a sensitive industry and has concerns about a particular threat actor, we can keep you updated on any changes in the local threat landscape that might affect your operations.

Bespoke risk monitoring 

At Control Risks we monitor any risks identified by your organisation or in our bespoke risk assessments. We first define your organisation’s requirements and whether a baseline assessment is needed. Working with our experts, you’ll then define the format, delivery method and frequency of monitoring activity. We conduct regular reviews to adapt the monitoring to your business activities as they evolve.

  • We monitor the unique issues relevant to your organisation, identifying the most significant developments and interpreting their implications for your operations.
  • We assess the threats to your organisation using previous assessments as a framework, flagging any changes in baseline judgements on risks, likelihood, scenarios, etc.
  • Your stakeholders will receive regular, succinct updates, which can be shared internally, including forward-looking analysis, insight and context from analysts on the ground.
  • Our monitoring reports can cover any issues relevant to your operations, from strategic geopolitical developments (e.g., trends in transnational terrorism) to security and operational issues (e.g., conflict, crime or business disruption).
  • For any ad-hoc events or concerns, Control Risks provides expert research and advice, with quick access to our experts via phone or email.

Our risk monitoring puts developments and trends into perspective for your stakeholders, while tailoring our research and monitoring to fit the exact requirement of your business with potential for focus on specific issues, sectors or locations.

Get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your risk monitoring needs or read our articles below.

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