Proactive workplace violence prevention 

Our experts include former leaders of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) and multi-agency Behavioral Threat Assessment Center (BTAC), Chair-level and Technical Expert contributors to the 2011 and 2020 ASIS/ANSI WPV Prevention and Intervention National Standard, a former leader of the US Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center, and a founder of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP). We leverage our deep operational and program management experience in working with our clients to develop workplace violence prevention and response programs that meet or exceed industry standards. Meet our team

Protecting your people and assets

Drawing on our cross-functional experience, we support organisations of all sizes in the following areas:

Operational engagement

We support your prevention and threat management efforts by providing expert operational guidance based on our own extensive case experience and research. Control Risks offers effective, real-world strategies to assess and mitigate threats to workplace safety.


Control Risks will work with you to implement a robust and auditable duty of care program for your employees that emphasize both prevention and response considerations. Our training includes both in-person workshops that are tailored to fit your specific threat environment, and virtual/eLearning courses that allow you to train staff In hybrid working environments.

Program review and gap analysis

Our team will help you build a workplace violence program or identify any vulnerabilities in your existing architecture. Using our deep experience and knowledge of industry standards (e.g., ATAP, ASIS/ANSI WVPI AA-2020) we guide you in creating and sustaining a “best in class” safety program that is both effective and defensible.

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