Workplace Violence Prevention and Threat Management

Proactive workplace violence prevention 

For more than 45 years, Control Risks has advanced the concepts of proactive workplace violence prevention, threat assessment and threat assessment training, developing programs to identify and mitigate threats before they become a crisis.

We have formed a market-leading speciality threat management team with extensive expertise in behavioral analysis, threat assessment, mental health issues and violence prevention and response programmes. The team is comprised of former leaders of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and local law enforcement as well as attorneys and mental health professionals. 

Unmatched experience, high-profile reviews

Our expert consultants have unmatched experience in conducting on-site reviews of high-profile active shooter events and have designed and implemented hundreds of risk management plans for potentially violent individuals.

    Their depth of experience includes:

  • Strategy development that establishes the vision for your programme and delivers strategic roadmaps to support the establishment, optimisation or transformation of your programme
  • Workplace violence programme review and development
  • Threat management and violence prevention
  • Specialised expertise in navigating mental health and legal issues
  • Cyber and insider threat capabilities: Basic, Advanced, and HR BTAWS
  • Aligned with ASIS and ATAP standards

We offer flexible commercial options including retainer services for prioritised access to our expert threat assessment and management guidance and our team of Workplace Violence Prevention and threat management experts. Our team has developed a global network of threat management professionals within Control Risks available to provide service in every region.

For more information on our Workplace Threat Management services, or to speak directly with an expert, please email [email protected]

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