How intelligence and data strengthens your security operations

In the ever-changing risk landscape, informed and responsible risk-taking is crucial for any ambitious organisation. Our security and intelligence programmes help organisations manage risk and seize new opportunities.

Control Risks’ security and intelligence programmes are tailored to your organisation. Every organisation and risk environment are unique. We have developed local networks that extend across government, industry and civil society in over 170 countries.

Our expert teams of security specialists understand and appreciate the critical importance of the assets you are seeking to protect—people, property, products, operations, and reputation. We evaluate your specific threats, exposures, vulnerabilities, strengths and goals to support informed decisions and develop customised programmatic solutions.

Our risk assessment approach is rooted in industry standards and decades of practical experience across different markets. We bring data to bear on complex problems but never lose sight of the need for human insight and expertise. We support our clients at every level of their organisations, from project site managers to regional security officers to global security operations centres (GSOCs).

Our security and intelligence offering

    Intelligence, data analytics and visualisation products

  • Real-time risk monitoring combining predictive analytics and expert analysis
  • Worldwide security incident collection and analysis
  • Country and sector political, operational, and security risk ratings and analysis
  • Threat assessment dashboards visualising data across countries, sectors, and risk categories
  • Direct access to country and regional experts from and in the region
  • AI-driven data collection and integrated analytics

    Consulting services

  • Maturity assessments help you understand how your physical and cyber security programs measure against best practices and risk, and how to advance to better meet your needs
  • Strategy development that helps establish and deliver near- to long-term plans and roadmaps that advance the security status of your software and hardware assets, networks, services, and information
  • Data analytics projects to develop tools or processes that leverage technology for risk awareness and control
  • Environmental, geopolitical, stakeholder, and regulatory risk analysis tailored to your company and operations

    Program and process development, and capacity building

  • Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) review or design/build, providing the technology and resources required to operationalise key assets and mechanisms and effectively aggregate and analyse information and intelligence through our in-house data analytics
  • Governing frameworks inclusive of standards, procedures and plans to help structure and instill security practices within your organisation and workforce
  • Organisational design to determine the ideal structure, staffing, operating model, resources, and capabilities for a security program
  • Capability studies that allow you to target operational gaps in your physical, event, executive and other security functions

    Staffing and training

  • Integrating risk assessment into crisis management training programmes and content
  • Development and updating of  training materials
  • Assessing talent gaps, short- or long-term
  • Recruiting, vetting, and training highly qualified resources to staff projects or augment permanent staff
  • Embedded security consultants specialising in threat assessments, investigations, business resiliency, crisis management and data analytics

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