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Mark Whyte leads the resilience, security and crisis management consulting practice for Europe and Africa, with teams in London, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, Berlin, Nairobi, Tripoli, Lagos and Johannesburg.

The primary focus of his practice is helping clients to understand the myriad of security, integrity and political threats and risks associated with their business and operating environments and to design and implement appropriate mitigation strategies that can help them become resilient enterprises.  This encompasses security strategy and risk consulting, crisis management, business continuity, operational security support, training, and security design and engineering.

Recent tasks that Mark has worked on include:

  • Managing a major enterprise risk management programme for a large financial services client operating across the African content
  • Operational security support for an oil and gas exploration and production company in East Africa
  • Strategic security consulting and business process reengineering project for a global telecoms provider
  • Business resilience consulting, security master planning  and detailed security design for a major new city project in West Africa

  • Prior to joining Control Risks, Mark led the security and counter-terrorism design and engineering practice at Carillion (TPS), and previously served as a lieutenant colonel in the British Army’s Intelligence Corps. Mark holds an MSc in Security and Resilience from Cranfield University and is the co-author of the security and counter terrorism chapter of the Architects Metric Handbook (2012), the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Security Guidance standard (2011), and the Royal Institute of British Architects Counter Terrorism Design Guide (2010).


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