Threat-based and risk-appropriate designs

Control Risks security design engineering helps you identify and integrate technological and physical security measures into the design of built infrastructure, starting from the project’s inception. Whether you are a developer, owner, security director, architect, or constructor, we work to understand your security risks, operational requirements, and design philosophy.

Threat-based and risk-commensurate designs based upon a Security Needs Assessment (SNA) developed using our own multi-disciplinary risk consulting team ensures clarity of purpose, holistic security, and cost effectiveness. Our consulting teams are Suitably Qualified Security Specialists (SQSS) as defined within BREEAM HEA 06, and we can provide SABRE security assessments for new and existing buildings, infrastructure assets and managed space.

Whether you’re in need of updating your video surveillance system and access control points, or your organisation needs to invest in blast mitigation or flood defences on a new infrastructure project, our team at Control Risks are here to assess, advise and put plans into action.

Planning and design to keep your assets safe

We will approach your project with bespoke practices that identify measures that will mitigate risks and define the development of the strategy required. Whatever the location, we assess the vulnerability of your people and physical assets against recognised damage and injury levels. Then we develop mitigation strategies to reduce these vulnerabilities.

  • Security master planning. Our team develop measures to address identified current risks, factoring in unique site characteristics and any key client or legal requirements.
  • Protective design. We are specialists in quantifying and mitigating the effects of bomb blasts, ballistic events, physical attack, and vehicle impacts throughout the built environment.
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). This and other strategies such as Secured by Design (SBD) use natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement and defensible space to create an environment less likely to attract crime and other threats.

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