Control Risks is proud of its strategic partnership with Seerist, formed in August 2022. The partnership stems from a strategy to combine the best of human analysis with advanced adaptive artificial intelligence, to deliver tactical and strategic insights for our clients.

Control Risks analysts provide exclusive geopolitical content to Seerist, ensuring real time risk analysis is verified and tailored where our clients need it.

Seerist enables organisations to:

Identify trends in threat data

Automating the collection and distillation of millions of global datasets to spot trends that may elevate risk.  Control Risks expert analysts use their localised knowledge to verify and hone those predictions.

Predict and detect disruptive events

You’ll always know about potentially disruptive events even if they’re in places that were off your radar.  

Filter data for analysis and action

Monitoring millions of datapoints to create a baseline of what’s normal.  When that normalcy goes askew - whether in travel patterns, social media chatter, or a dozen other variables, with a subscription to Seerist, you’ll know it instantly.  

Monitor regional and in-country stability

When the stability of a region or nation begins trending towards turmoil, Seerist keeps tabs on all the chatter so you’re never caught off guard. 

Forecast global geopolitical risk

Given its vast scope and prescient focus, Seerist is your early warning system for whatever situations you dread the most, but can now avoid or pre-emptively prepare for well in advance. 

Provide insight for critical decisions

Enjoy easy-to-access, easy-to-understand strategic reports that take the guesswork out of risk assessment, so you can act swiftly and assuredly.  

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