ESG and Sustainable Business

Responsible business is our heritage

An essential part of responsible business today is sustainability. This means finding lasting solutions that are well-informed and sensitive to impact. Sustainability has always been central to how Control Risks operates, even in a crisis. For more than 40 years we have been helping our clients make well-informed decisions based on a nuanced awareness of situation and stakeholder dynamics.

We were one of the first signatories to the United Nations Global Compact on sustainable and socially responsible business, and are a longstanding member of the International Code of Conduct Association for responsible practices in the private security industry. These corporate commitments underpin how we support clients.

Our ESG team includes consultants academically qualified in the fields of sustainability, governance, accounting and ESG. Chambers and Partners cited Control Risks as a leader in ESG consulting in their Risk & Crisis Guide 2021. We are a SASB licence holder with analysts trained in SASB standards and have a growing number of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)-accredited professionals throughout our network of 34 offices. 

From advising corporates on remediating material risks across a global supply chain, to helping investors find more sustainable and ethical investment opportunities, to supporting non-profits and foundations as they carry out their mandate in complex locations, our experts are available worldwide to provide advice that is practical, calibrated to the local environment, and focused on the most salient issues.

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