Acquire, preserve and analyse

Whether you are facing an external data breach or an insider incident, whether it is an IP theft dispute or government investigation, our testifying digital forensic experts can help you identify, preserve and analyse the relevant digital evidence. With trained forensic consultants spread across our global office network, supported by a worldwide team of investigators, we offer near unlimited reach to acquire data in the context of litigation, investigations and compliance matters.  

Control Risks’ Digital Forensics practice started in 1994 and has performed data collections on devices ranging from cloud sources, laptops/desktops, email servers, file and network shares, structured data systems, backup tapes, social media and mobile devices in over 70 countries.

Our services 

  • On-site or remote digital evidence collection and preservation
  • Expert witness testimony with court-ready documentation and reports
  • IP theft investigations
  • Mobile device, encrypted chat and ephemeral messaging investigations
  • Insider threat investigations
  • Cyber incident response
  • Mass deletion/wiping analysis
  • User behaviours analysis including removable devices and browser usage
  • Device profiling and chronological analysis
  • Social media and networking analysis
  • Cloud investigations

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