The problem

Our client’s integrity team required Control Risks to support with the forensic collection of mobile devices for an athlete and the subsequent data review.

The challenge was to ensure that the collection was performed defensibly and to leverage a review platform providing a safe and impartial space for parties to access the data.

Our solution

We deployed a forensic expert trained in the subject matter, who reviewed the media allegations and examined available documentation to inform a discreet, locally sourced on-the-ground investigation and information gathering project. Activities uncovered evidence and intelligence relevant to the investigation which served to corroborate several claims made by the whistle-blower. We then sent a team to the African country’s offices, where we analysed the financial and operational records for a six-year period. 

Our results

Control Risks identified evidence indicating potential fraud and abuse of fiduciary duty. We prepared reports for our client’s compliance team and Ethics Committee in order to support disciplinary proceedings.

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