Managing and analysing high volumes of ESI for successful outcomes

Control Risks has unrivalled expertise in large-scale, complex and cross-jurisdictional matters. We help you establish defensible and repeatable processes to deal with high volumes of electronically stored information (ESI). Our combination of litigation support experience, analytics expertise and global technology partnerships enable us to capture, process and analyse vast volumes of data at short notice. 

We are your partner, a force multiplier providing global reach with state-of-the-art infrastructure, best-in-class tools, and deep eDiscovery expertise and experience, wherever you need support. 

Relativity partnership and certifications – We are a RelativityOne Gold partner with over 100 Relativity certifications and five Masters. 

Secure, global data centres – We have RelativityOne/Relativity Server deployments in the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, India, China and Australia. Our professionals are native speakers of local languages, and fluent in local data privacy laws and compliance. 

Dedicated global team – Project managers and subject matter experts using a “follow-the-sun” support model. 

Custom technology development – Experienced, in-house team of developers specialising in eDiscovery solutions, including cutting-edge AI, machine learning and advanced analytics tools; dealing with emerging and atypical data formats; and dynamic data visualisation, dashboarding and reporting. 

Multilingual capability – We can conduct document reviews in all major languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Chinese, and have integrated machine language translation supporting over 100 languages. 

Experts in review workflows and technology – We use early case assessment (ECA), technology assisted review (TAR) and other data analytics capabilities to understand your data to minimise cost and increase efficiency. 

Defensible and repeatable processes
– We apply our knowledge and expertise to manage robust and defensible cases, using validation steps throughout processing and review to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the eDiscovery process. 

GDPR/PII and data protection support
– Expertise and specialised software to support on data subject access requests (DSAR) and data breach reviews. 

 RelativityOne Partnerships

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Global Managed eDiscovery Services

While many clients rely on our experienced, agile teams for seamless regional or multi-jurisdictional support on large matters, we know that in discovery, one size doesn’t fit all. For those who want to insource discovery, Control Risks can dedicate a RelativityOne client domain for your in-house team, enabling you to take control of discovery and manage your costs with the backing and support of our dedicated global team of experts. 

Embedded Consulting Services for RelativityOne 

Our Embedded Consulting Service (ECS) provides clients with highly qualified eDiscovery and project professionals who can be embedded with their in-house team or work remotely. They provide an immediate lift in expertise and experience exactly where and when needed. Our embedded consultants are full-time Control Risks' employees that work seamlessly within client teams on short- and long-term projects.

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