Understand your risks, set direction confidently 

Embrace a digital future without sacrificing the security and resilience of critical assets. We help our clients to augment their maturity and manage their ongoing risks. Manage and improve your organisation's cyber security in a manner proportionate to the threats you face and the potential impact of a breach.

Our cyber manage services help security leaders make risk-based, cost-effective, and forward-looking improvements to their cyber security. By aligning people, processes and technology with a strategy crafted to protect critical assets from the most likely threats, we work with you to improve all facets of your digital risk management.

Security implementation

We strategically deploy people, processes and technologies tailored to fortify your organisation's information infrastructure against cyber threats. We plan and integrate security measures to safeguard systems, networks and data to develop robust frameworks that are proactive and resilient.

Program design and development

We specialise in developing and implementing comprehensive governance frameworks, policies, and procedures that optimise decision-making and resource management. Our governance implementation services align your security operations and risk appetite with external regulations, fostering transparency, accountability and strategic alignment.

Third-party risk management

Tailored to meet the demands of today’s dynamic digital transformation landscape, we help ensure that essential third-party services do not compromise your security posture or introduce new vulnerabilities into your technology ecosystem. From corporate transactions to external vendors to cloud-based solutions, we identify, assess and mitigate risks inherent in third-party operations.

Crisis preparedness

Cyber incidents should be treated as an inevitability. Our heritage in crisis management and response informs our approach in supporting our clients to prepare for these incidents. Bridging tech response teams with crisis management, we ensure seamless response and recovery, designing plans and simulations informed by emerging tech risks.

Embedded consulting

Our consultants integrate seamlessly into your organisation as a dedicated part of your team, applying specialised expertise as needed. Ideal for tackling complex challenges, adopting new technologies or implementing transformational change, our embedded consultants ensure that your business achieves its objectives securely.

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