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Cyber attacks are more frequent and impactful as organisations’ dependence on technology increases. Given the growing sophistication of threat actors and expanding regulatory scrutiny, will you be able to respond comprehensively when the worst-case scenario materialises?

Control Risks offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to manage and remediate cyber security incidents swiftly and effectively. From our leading crisis management experience and cutting-edge digital forensics investigators to our expert intelligence analysts, we provide comprehensive 24/7 global support to senior leadership and technology specialists as they manage a crisis. We can help organisations recover and manage the business impact of an incident.

Crisis management

Our dedicated cyber crisis managers provide high-impact response strategies, co-ordination across client teams, advice on addressing the various technical, reputational and operational issues that arise, and strategic recovery.

Incident response

Our technology experts provide comprehensive analysis of security incidents, from tracing the events leading to an incident and its root causes, to assessing the extent of unauthorised access and identifying compromised and exfiltrated data.

Threat intelligence

We track and monitor leak sites and the dark web to detect data breaches and uncover their sources. Our thorough evaluation ensures the successful containment of vulnerabilities, safeguarding your confidential information from unauthorised access.

Digital extortion advisory

With decades of experience in managing complex threats, our crisis managers provide clarity on managing digital extortions to help balance the promise of rapid recovery against the long-term impacts that accompany engagement strategies.

eDiscovery and data review

During a data breach, we employ sophisticated tools to rapidly identify, collect and analyse electronic data. This approach expedites the response to digital threats and empowers our clients with the insights needed to effectively address regulatory notification and legal risks. Leveraging eDiscovery tools, our response teams are equipped to make informed decisions, ensuring clients are well-prepared to overcome challenges and minimise impact.

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