Elevating security to a strategic advantage

Our assessment services deliver insights into the threats and risks affecting our clients, their people and systems. These insights enable organisations to protect their critical assets and pursue strategic opportunities.

We assess how your organisation manages its technology and digital risks, identifying vulnerabilities, assessing potential threats and analysing risks. This delivers a clear understanding of your existing security capabilities, paving the way to more robust technology risk management.

Threat intelligence and monitoring

We transform data into actionable intelligence by monitoring for threats across sources such as the deep and dark web, social media platforms and chatrooms. Prioritising indicators of credible and direct threats to clients, we better identify our clients’ risks. This allows us to assess technology risk from a real-world perspective rather than a list of technical controls.

Threat assessments

We help counter threat actors worldwide by blending actionable intelligence and sophisticated analysis. Tailored to your unique security landscape, we offer a strategic approach to detecting threats and managing risks.

Risk and control assessments

We evaluate how digital and technology-related risks manifest in your organisation and your capacity to manage them. We identify, analyse and prioritise known digital threats, assessing your evolving risk landscape and evaluating your existing security framework. The result? Strategic security enhancements where you need them.

Advisory and scenario planning

We provide strategic guidance and scenario planning expertise to navigate the complexities of emerging technologies and their associated risks. Anticipate and prepare for potential threats related to artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), blockchain, quantum computing and more. Leverage our expertise to gain a competitive edge through innovation while safeguarding your digital assets and reputation.

Person of interest programmes

We work with you to reveal the faces behind online actions, delving into their motives and capabilities. Essential for deciphering cyber threats and actors, our programmes map your threat landscape and fortify your security with precision and effectiveness.

Red teaming

Our red teaming operations simulate cyber attack scenarios against your organisation's physical and digital infrastructure. Led by vetted security experts with experience in physical security, cyber security, and crisis management, these exercises test and strengthen your defences against real-world threats, ensuring readiness and resilience against sophisticated adversaries.

Penetration testing

Our penetration testing services simulate sophisticated cyber attacks on your organisation’s computer systems, networks and web applications to uncover vulnerabilities ripe for exploitation by malicious actors. Our expert pen testers use highly effective techniques, delivering actionable insights to enhance your security posture and resilience against cyber threats..

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