Protective journey management, travel security and event security

Global organisations face threats that vary widely depending on their industry, size, geographic location, and the profiles of their executives. Control Risks’ protective services keeps people safe wherever they are. 

From providing basic journey management advice, to public event security, to natural disaster response, or travel security solutions, Control Risks’ combination of skill sets, local knowledge, and a rigorous methodical approach helps companies succeed in today’s complex operating environments. 

Experts in security

Our protective services and travel security consultants are integrated into management teams with country and sector experience, balanced between local national and international representation. Where possible, our security professionals are locally based and trained to best practice and Control Risks’ exacting standards. Operators maintain personal Security Industry Association (SIA) qualifications or an equivalent and are extensively vetted.

    Our services include:

  • Executive protection: The provision of a dedicated executive protection officer to ensure the security of high-value assets, VIPs and other individuals who may be exposed to personal risks because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical locations
  • Event security: Security solutions for special events range from major public events such as large-scale sporting events and high-level political meetings to private events like shareholder and board of directors meetings
  • Natural disaster response and recovery: Assisting clients before, during, and after the most challenging natural disasters
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM): Assurance that offices, homes and other spaces are free from technical surveillance devices that may be used by individuals or corporations looking to gain a competitive advantage
  • Workplace violence response: Services may include mobilisation of armed or unarmed security support, surveillance and investigators, and are designed to help organisations prepare to respond rapidly and effectively to incidents
  • Journey management support / meet and greet: The provision of professional drivers, journey management coordinators, security escorts and the management and monitoring of transportation arrangements across different geographies. security checks, check-in procedures and baggage identification
  • Travel security management: Protection of your people whilst travelling through services that include: travel risk assessments, intelligence based on key geo-locations, location based training, global executive protection and transportation, immediate access to response services.

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We make journeys in challenging, complex, or unfamiliar locations safer

Business travel is a critical part of maintaining customer and supplier relationships, assessing new markets and launching critical initiatives. Secure Journey helps organisations manage the travel risks of a globally mobile workforce so that your team are safe to focus on what matters most wherever their work takes them. Find out more. 

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