Helping you safely navigate challenging, complex, or unfamiliar situations. 

From journey management advice to public event security to natural disaster response, we cover the entire spectrum of protective services. 

Drawing on over 40 years of experience gained in the most complex markets around the world, we work with national and multinational businesses across all sectors, government and diplomatic departments and NGOs, high net-worth families and other high-profile individuals.  

We provide a wide range of support to meet varying threat levels: 

Journey management / meet and greet

Professional drivers, journey coordinators, security escorts and the management and monitoring of transportation across geographies.

Executive protection and high-net-worth individuals

Ensuring the security of individuals who may be exposed to personal risks due to their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, or geographic locations. 


Event security

Solutions for events ranging from major public events such as large-scale sporting matches or high-level political meetings to private events like shareholder or corporate meetings. 

Workplace violence prevention and threat management

Services designed to help organisations prepare to respond rapidly and effectively to incidents. 

Organisational transitions

Providing intelligence, security, crisis and threat management expertise before, during and after a transition event.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Assurance that offices, homes and other spaces are free from technical surveillance devices. 

Natural disaster response and recovery

Assisting clients before, during, and after the most challenging natural disasters. 

High Risk Managed Services (HRMS)

We provide mobile and static security services to the world’s most prominent companies and high-profile diplomatic missions working in high-risk environments. 

Protective Services Brochure

For more information on how Operational and Protective Security can work for your organisation download our brochure.  

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Protective services you can trust 

Wherever Control Risks operate, we apply the strictest ethical, legal and regulatory standards. We conduct comprehensive compliance and due diligence, adding an extra layer of assurance to your duty of care. We provide: 

Operational and Protective Services

Globally consistent standard operating procedures ensure that you receive the same high-quality service – regardless of your location.

Operational and Protective Services

Discreet, unobtrusive security professionals who are trained to take proportionate precautions.

Operational and Protective Services

Live threat monitoring, analysis and risk intelligence access.  

Operational and Protective Services

Comprehensive project management to ensure that the measures put in place are effective and efficient. 

Operational and Protective Services

Thorough staff due diligence to ensure safety and reliability. 

Operational and Protective Services

Accreditation to the highest international benchmarks including certification in ISO 9001, ISO 18788, ISO 45001, PSC1, ICOCA, Security Industry Association (SIA) ATAP, ASIS/ANSI WVPI AA-2020 and adherence to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) and the UN Global Compact. 

Operational and Protective Services

24/7/365 support with Control Risks ONE, our global risk operations centre. 

Making your journeys safer

Business travel is a critical part of maintaining customer and supplier relationships, assessing new markets and launching critical initiatives. Secure Journey helps organisations manage the travel risks of a globally mobile workforce so that your team are safe to focus on what matters most wherever their work takes them. Find out more. 

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