Move, work and live in high-threat environments safely

When travelling and working in high-threat environments, knowledge is everything and safety is the priority. Control Risks has the experience, insights and the capabilities to meet your needs. 

Our safety-led approach draws on the unrivalled information and risk analysis capabilities that underpin everything we do. This approach ensures that our clients are safer, better protected, and able to prosper whilst working in a range of high threat, challenging, or remote environments. 

Reliable, intelligent security

Our services include:

  • Threat intelligence and risk assessments: whether you’re working on a project in Latin America, considering a new investment opportunity in Africa or forging new business ties in the Middle East, our liaison and analysis teams provide you with local, national and global threat intelligence. These are paired with reliable threat and risk assessments to inform your business decisions.
  • Mobile security wherever your teams need to be: mobile security comes with our fleet of armoured and soft-skinned vehicles. And at the end of a long day, your team can relax in our comfortable and secure accommodation.
  • In-country experts and high standards: our in-country security experts are recruited from the best and most qualified professionals in the world, and all our security is provided in accordance with the strictest ethical, legal and regulatory standards.


Control Risks gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on what matters most: your people and your business.

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