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Helping our clients to move, work and live in Guyana - safely

We help organisations that operate in high-threat environments be more secure, compliant, and resilient.

Control Risks helps organizations operating in complex environments to be more secure, compliant, and resilient. It is our unparalleled approach to safety and in-depth knowledge of the region that makes Control Risks the preferred security provider for many Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, and NGOs. Control Risks Guyana Services, Inc. is a majority Guyanese-owned entity, which reflects the premium that we place on local content and expertise.


How we can help

  • Market entry advisory and intelligence - With our unique blend of geopolitical, regulatory, technology, and security expertise, Control Risks offers unparalleled support for clients entering or expanding their operations in Guyana. The industry’s largest in-house team of risk analysts, combined with our on-the-ground research and investigations services, help you to seize opportunities while managing the complexities of working in Guyana.
  • 24/7 Threat monitoring, analysis, and response - Control Risks operates a security operations center (SOC) in Georgetown, applying cutting edge technology solutions to monitor and manage threats. We have field-tested standard operating procedures and our SOC staff members are selected for their ability to act under pressure. Control Risks has over three decades of experience managing SOCs, with 10 currently in operation around the world.
  • Security support - Building on 45 years of experience in managing crises and acute security incidents around the world, Control Risks provides best-in-class advisory and tactical, on-the-ground security support for clients in Guyana. Control Risks operates a strictly threat-led, tailored approach to security. Our operations management systems ensure that each security function is planned and conducted with the highest level of assurance.

Industry sectors supported


Government and Diplomatic


Aviation and Transport


Financial services



Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

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