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Global organizations face threats that vary widely depending on their industry, size, geographic location, and the profiles of their executives. The aim of Control Risks Protective Services is to keep people safe wherever they are. From providing basic journey management advice, to supporting complex restructuring, wholesale, or event security management, Control Risks’ combination of skill sets, local knowledge, and a rigorous methodical approach helps companies succeed in today’s complex operating environments. Here our security experts from around the world share their personal, on-the-ground insights.

Security Support During the US Election

Tajikistan No Roads Only Directions

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Ensuring safety on a risky route through rugged Tajikistan

Tajikistan, a mountainous, landlocked former Soviet republic in Central Asia, lies off the beaten path for most Western visitors. The country’s stunning landmarks and scenery have great tourist potential. It is also a major transit point for the smuggling of illegal drugs from Afghanistan, a major source of illicit income in the country.

Meet our Protective Services experts

Our Protective Services experts and consultants are proven security professionals from our extensive global network, and are integrated into management teams with country and sector experience, balanced between local national and expatriate representation. Where possible, our security professionals are locally based and trained to best practice and Control Risks’ exacting standards. Operators in hostile environments maintain personal SIA qualifications or an equivalent, and are extensively vetted.

Marcel Van Paeschen

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Diego Andreu

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Yevgeny Gordeichev

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Thomas Zhang

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Roberto wong

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John escobar

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Richard whitelam

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