Service: Journey Management, Executive Protection 

Location: Mexico 

Control Risks’ executive protection team used a threat-led approach, regional expertise and on-the-ground sources for a US multinational client attending a convention in Acapulco. 

A challenging risk environment 

Acapulco, Mexico, has been designated as “Level 4: Do not travel” by the US Department of State. The city’s port is an important transit point in the drugs trade and criminals are often armed. Government employees are forbidden to travel there, and US citizens are highly encouraged to follow suit.  

When a US multinational client needed executive protection for a major oil and gas convention in Acapulco, they turned to our team to navigate this challenging risk environment. Our team used a threat-led approach and on-the-ground expertise to provide practical, real-time protection.  

Planning with regional intelligence and analysis  

Our team began gathering intel on the threat environment of the city, using a local network of contacts in Acapulco to understand the situation on-the-ground. The team confidently communicated to the client that the protection task was manageable and organised a team of five security agents and three vehicles for the client.  

A few days later, Mexican Marines and other local law enforcement agencies raided the local municipal police headquarters. News channels began to pick up the story. Less than an hour later, the government issued a press release. Looking at the headlines, it seemed like the executives would need to cancel their trip.    

Our team again tapped into their network of regional contacts. One of these contacts was a local top-ranking military official who had participated in the raid. Through this contact the team was able to stay updated on the situation in real-time.  

Threat-led success 

Rather than making a knee-jerk reaction in response to breaking news, our team took a threat-led approach and re-evaluated the client’s travel plans to the city from an informed perspective. 

Our team made changes to the travel plan to address the current situation and conducted further advance reconnaissance to assess the change in threat level. As a result, our team determined that there was no increased risk. The executives attended the convention without incident. 

If the client had followed the headlines, they may have called off their trip. Our threat-led approach, knowledge of the region and investigation of the area surrounding the convention gave them the confidence and security to carry on with their business undisrupted.  

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