Service: Journey Management, Executive Protection  

Location: Brazil 

Control Risks used advance reconnaissance and live threat monitoring to prevent a developing situation from interfering with client business. 

In Rio de Janeiro, the threat landscape can change rapidly. Although the city of Rio welcomes millions of tourists every year and is a major business centre for Brazil, crime rates in Downtown are high and methods often violent. Crimes against foreign nationals, such as carjackings and armed robberies, are a serious concern. The city’s never-ending traffic jams and public demonstrations can exacerbate this. 

Our client needed security support for two C-level executives visiting Downtown Rio for business. They came to us because they knew that advance reconnaissance combined with live threat monitoring would put them in the best position to ensure the safety of their executives and the success of the trip.  

Planning is everything 

Our local team, led by our on-the-ground security manager, conducted a risk assessment of all security aspects related to the business trip. Through advance reconnaissance, the team ran through and analysed travel routes, visited meeting venues, confirmed addresses and checked all security measures.  

When the executives arrived in the city, they were safely transported to the venue in armoured cars, and the trip carried on without incident until the last day. While the executives were attending a meeting, we detected an unscheduled demonstration developing near the meeting venue. The demonstration had the potential to expose the executives to additional security risks. There were also growing concerns that the demonstration could block their primary route to the airport.

Effective security means business continuity

Through live threat monitoring, our team identified an alternative egress point from the meeting venue as well as a secondary route to the airport. Our on-site security team, remotely assisted by our office-based monitoring team, moved the executives’ transport to a more secure waiting area, pre-identified during the reconnaissance. When the meeting finished, the security team escorted the executives to the vehicles, avoiding the demonstrations.  

By combining advance reconnaissance and live threat monitoring, our team made confident, proactive decisions that not only ensured the executives safety, but allowed them to finish their business and arrive at the airport in time for their flight.   

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