Confront the complexity of supply chain risks, for greater transparency and insight

More than ever, you’re expected to have visibility and take control of your supply chain risks. How do you map your exposure? Where are your hotspots and blind spots in your activities and in your supply chain? What do you need to manage and mitigate those risks effectively?

We’ll help bring your supply chain risks into sharp focus, helping you gain greater visibility and control. We map and assess your exposure, understand the implications of this exposure specific to your organisation, and find solutions to mitigate against these risks to ensure ethical, compliant operations. 

Expose, assess and prioritise your risks

We’ll help you gain insight into your supply chain, helping you identify risks and prioritise how you address them. We’ll bring together expertise in international standards and emerging regulations with sector knowledge and on-the-ground local experience - so you can be confident you have a robust and strategic plan of action, wherever you operate.

Meet your regulatory requirements

Take the steps you need to meet emerging supply chain disclosure and due diligence regulations. Conduct regulation-specific risk assessments, design and implement the processes you need to be compliant. We can also work in tandem with your external legal counsel to bring an on-the-ground and practical view of how to respond to regulatory demands.

Understand the risks specific to your operating environments

Control Risks is closing this gap by expanding our suite of country risk ratings to cover ESG-related issues. Our ESG Country Monitor is a subscription-based service that helps organisations evaluate their exposure to sector-specific socio-economic, environmental and governance dynamics in the markets where they operate, helping investors, strategy,
compliance, security and sustainability teams to:

  • Rate and classify ESG exposures related to the operating environment in new deals and projects under consideration 
  • Monitor risks in your project or investment portfolio using our in-built analytics  
  • Anticipate and prioritise emerging risks with our regular updates 
  • Accurately rate country risk in your supply chain screening programme 
  • Report on your portfolio risk exposure using our visual risk maps
  • Control Risks VANTAGE is a suite of third-party risk and compliance products specifically designed for organisations that interact and work with partners across different sectors and jurisdictions. The Control Risks VANTAGE module for ESG helps clients embed these specific risk categories into their third-party management programmes.

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