Business continuity management means being prepared

More than 40 years of experience have taught us that the key to successful business recovery is preparedness. This means understanding your risks before a crisis hits, assigning clear roles and responsibilities, and defining business recovery strategies aligned with your operational priorities.

Control Risks has a long history of helping organisations increase preparedness, respond swiftly to adverse events, and enhance enterprise resilience. We empower your organisation to focus on the recovery of the most critical business activities. Our experts help you develop, implement and maintain robust business resilience programmes, so you can ensure your organisation is always prepared.

Governance and strategy development

We work with you to develop an organisational policy and governance structure that defines the scope of your organisation’s business continuity program, including key leadership roles and structures for business continuity planning. We take into consideration your current plans and capabilities, highlighting synergies and gaps with leading practices and ISO 22301 standards.

From Business Impact Analysis to tailored training

Control Risks will design and conduct thorough business impact analyses (BIA), identifying the critical processes, dependencies and risks that will drive your business continuity planning. The resulting output of that analysis can be used to drive the development of robust business continuity plans that detail each department’s requirements and timeframes for recovery, accounting for the business processes, IT dependencies, and high-priority items from the BIA phase that must be factored into your recovery effort.

Once BIAs are conducted and plans are developed, Control Risks creates tailored training sessions and exercises to support implementation throughout your organisation. Our cross-functional team of experts will design each training and exercise to reflect your operational structure, risk profile, and programmatic objectives, with sessions and simulations ranging from facilitated discussions to fully- simulated scenarios executed in real-time.

Find out more about how Control Risks can help you sustain critical operations through any disruption with our Crisis, Readiness and Response services.

Embedded Consulting Services

If we offer it as a service, we can embed it into your organisation

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