Threat and risk assessment

Control Risks’ granular, on-the-ground knowledge and experience, along with our tried and tested threat and risk assessment methodologies, help you identify and monitor key risks to your organisation, workforce and assets.

We can help you map out the threat landscape in which you operate or focus on specific types of threat and risk. Our risk assessments prioritise your risks and inform your risk management policies, plans, and processes. 

Expert risk assessments

Our multi-disciplinary subject matter experts can support you with in-depth location- or project-specific expert risk assessments, including:  

  • Country risk assessment and monitoring
  • Social risk assessment and monitoring
  • Human rights risk assessment and monitoring
  • ESG country or partner risk and impact assessment and monitoring
  • Corruption risk assessment and monitoring
  • Security threat/risk assessments and monitoring
  • Maritime or aviation security threat assessment & monitoring
  • Cyber risk assessment and monitoring

Our analysts can build on these initial assessments, creating bespoke monitors to support your business plans.

Embedded Consulting Services

If we offer it as a service, we can embed it into your organisation

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