ESG due diligence for even the most challenging locations

Get a focused and nuanced view of the ESG risks and impact opportunities in your investment opportunities. We provide you the benefit of combining ESG subject matter specialists, extensive data solutions and local country analysts, to give you insight that goes to the heart of your investment risk planning.

Investors need the full picture on the risks and opportunities associated with a transaction. We support investors across the deal cycle, from early risk identification through to detailed on-the-ground due diligence and remediation roadmaps. We provide focused insight and intelligence to identify risks, quantify the cost of improvement, and develop targeted action plans.

Assess risks and identify opportunities

  • We assess the material risks linked to a target’s operations, geographic footprint and industry. 
  • We identify potential opportunities for ESG improvement and value creation during the deal cycle – such as improvements to human rights or reductions in natural resource consumption. 
  • We assess compliance with local regulations as well as international best practice. 
  • We can incorporate our impact scoring methodology to help you assess positive impact. 

  • Our action plans allow you to clearly prioritise, price and plan for remediation, impact and value creation.

    Combining recognised standards with experience

    We align our work with recognised standards and frameworks and we build on these using our institutional knowledge and practical understanding of the realities of different operating environments. 

    A flexible, global team 

    Your transaction will benefit from the discretion, flexibility and insight of our global team of experts, located across our 34 offices. They can deploy quickly to sites or facilities, conducting management interviews, risk assessments and stakeholder consultations.  Our advice is grounded in a deep understanding of local socio-economic, environmental, geopolitical and market dynamics.  

    We can also draw on our extensive networks to gather objective feedback on a target’s true business practices, governance and corporate culture. This investigative technique gives our clients valuable insights that test a target’s public disclosures.  

    We harness the power of technology including for social media monitoring, climate forecast mapping and using satellites to track environmental impact in remote locations.

    Integration and capacity building

    During the hold period, our teams support investors and their portfolio companies with roadmaps, monitoring and capacity building. We set targets and track progress in line with leading frameworks and regulatory requirements, measure impact metrics, and develop new policies and frameworks to support ESG integration.  

    Control Risks VANTAGE is a suite of third-party risk and compliance products specifically designed for organisations that interact and work with partners across different sectors and jurisdictions. The Control Risks VANTAGE module for ESG helps clients embed these specific risk categories into their third-party management programmes.

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