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With country specialists based across the world, Control Risks’ market-leading team of analysts draws on its global presence to provide our clients with expert country risk and portfolio benchmarking support.

Our tried and tested methodology for benchmarking country risk and opportunity enables us to deliver a rigorous and structured approach to benchmarking exercises. Depending on the client’s requirements, we can use a combination of qualitative and quantitative factors to produce an objective assessment of the relative attractiveness and risk of each country or portfolio asset.

Prioritise your plans

You can use these benchmarking exercises to prioritise business development plans and risk management across your portfolio of operations or investments. Our three-stage process provides you with a tailored, efficient and structured view of where to focus resources to develop your business and maximise growth.

  • Identification  We agree on the countries to examine and the risk/opportunity factors to assess. We then define a rating system for each factor to allow consistent benchmarking between countries. 
  • Assessment Our country experts analyse the factors and countries agreed in the identification stage to determine market attractiveness and deliver concise written assessments for each country. 
  • Prioritisation  We produce a quantitative assessment of the relative attractiveness and risk of each country. The weightings are decided either independently or in collaboration with you.


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