Confidential crisis response

In the event of a kidnap, extortion or threat incident, you need to do all you can to protect your people. Control Risks is here to support your organisation through even the most challenging of crises.

Control Risks has led the confidential crisis response market for more than four decades and has unparalleled expertise in resolving cases of kidnap for ransom, extortion, threat and illegal detention. We have developed a market leading response capability with regards to ransomware and other extortive cyber-attacks. We have resolved more than 4,300 cases and amassed over 55,700 case-days of experience covering every region of the world, including 147 countries.

In the event of a kidnap or other extortive crime, we will deploy our specialist consultants wherever you need us. Our consultants will:  

  • Evaluate the circumstances and provide advice and guidance on options for resolution of the crisis  
  • Develop and recommend bespoke, effective negotiation strategies 
  • Undertake appropriate liaison with law enforcement and other key stakeholders  

Control Risks is retained exclusively by Hiscox at Lloyds of London to provide priority acute crisis response to clients insured under kidnap for ransom and extortion policies:

Kidnap threat analysis experts 

Control Risks maintains the only team of expert analysts in the industry that is dedicated to tracking kidnapping-for-ransom and other extortive crime trends globally.  

Our Special Risks Analysis (SRA) team provides critical operational analysis to support consultants deployed to advise on the resolution of kidnaps, detentions, threats and extortions. Using the world’s largest proprietary commercial database of kidnaps and extortive crime – containing details of more than 71,000 incidents – and their understanding of local security dynamics, SRA analysts provide useable, ground-level information. For your given location we can report on key elements, such as the average length of cases and typical concessions, the identities of groups operating in the area of interest and their motivations. Our specialist SRA analysists also support organisations with preventive kidnap and extortion analysis through bespoke consulting addressing clients’ unique risk exposures. 

Kidnap and extortion planning and prevention  

We work with your organisation to ensure that you have the appropriate structures in place with clear and concise procedures to help contain an incident. Control Risks will work with you to draft new plans or review existing ones, ensuring that they adequately address your key challenges and represent industry best practice. 

  • Simple measures to reduce the likelihood of an abduction
  • The basic elements and structure of a kidnap, including an awareness of the pressures that can develop
  • Effective coping skills and strategies that will help to reduce the psychological impact of a kidnap

We run training workshops designed to provide an understanding of the issues associated with resolving kidnap or extortion cases: 

  • Overall incident management
  • Theory, strategy and practical application of coercive negotiation techniques
  • Managing and caring for affected families and other victim stakeholders
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