Keep the information you need, protect what you must

Effective information governance boils down to two guiding principles: keep only what you need and protect everything that you can. Getting it wrong risks violating regulations, stumbling when facing an investigation or a critical loss of data –- all of which come with serious financial and reputational damage.

Control Risks provides a range of services, from data lifecycle management to custom data architecture and enterprise content assessments to help you stay protected.

Data lifecycle management services

Our experts use data lifecycle management frameworks to classify data across thousands of network shares and repositories. Control Risks will study and design workflows to identify, collect, analyse and remediate information -- working directly with your teams to present solutions.

Helping everyone in your organisation understand the importance of data and its handling can be challenging. Stakeholders -- legal departments, IT, the business -- often have competing priorities. Control Risks works to understand the needs across your organisation, providing comprehensive and bespoke support.

Data regulatory obligations, security and privacy services

We work to secure information, protect your digital assets and meet regulatory obligations wherever you have operations. We work with record management teams to scan thousands of document types across local and virtual networks to identify and remediate documents.

Data protection requirements are particularly acute in the healthcare industry, where data may contain personal identifiable information, healthcare references, names, related illnesses or hospital patient codes. Control Risks exercises utmost care in handling and examining critical data assets.

Cyber security through custom data architecture

There is no data security without cyber security. Our cyber security and technology solutions experts will work together to create a structured and defended data architecture, which functions as an effective and compliant defence, scaled proportionately to the importance of your data.

Enterprise content assessment

Control Risks guides you through assessing the lifecycle of data creation. How should content be organised? To what degree should it be searchable? Should some or all information be under custody?

As users create data from business collaboration and documentation of their work, it is necessary to assess how that enterprise data becomes an asset to the organisation. We can help you protect data as a corporate asset -- protecting value so you can create it.

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