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Strategic and Business Intelligence


Political and Economic Risk Consulting - Political and Economic Analysis and Forecasting
Scenario Analysis and Strategy Consulting - Business Intelligence


Strategic and business intelligence from Control Risks supports you when you are seeking markets and growth opportunities that align with your organisation’s risk tolerance, and reinforce brand and shareholder value.

Our combination of services focuses on providing you with optimum visibility of the risks and rewards. We help you avoid spending large amounts of time and resources pursuing unproductive ventures.


Political and economic risks

Our worldwide team of consultants and analysts ensures you stay ahead of developments in political, regulatory, operational and security risk at a global, regional, national and local level. With our partners at Oxford Economics, we provide long term forecasts, consulting, retained advisory support, subscription based alerts and analysis, and online tools to match your specific requirements.

Intelligence and analysis

You need to understand and master the competitive landscape. Using our market-leading expertise in the collection and analysis of hard-to-get information, we help you understand the strengths, weaknesses, plans and intentions of the competition to maximise competitive advantage.


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Asia In Focus

What lies ahead for South Asia’s post-pandemic recovery

South Asia has been hard hit by a second wave of COVID-19 infections over the past few months, with India alone registering over 140,000 deaths since April 2021. As the region slowly recovers from the devastating public health crisis, Hemant Shivakumar, Senior Analyst, and Amit Narayan, Partner & Head of India and South Asia, discuss the prospects and challenges for South Asia’s post-pandemic economic recovery.
What lies ahead for South Asia’s post-pandemic recovery


What lies ahead for South Asia's post-pandemic recovery

As South Asia slowly recovers from its second Covid-19 wave, pandemic-triggered economic strain and slow vaccination rates will continue to hamper economic recovery. Increasing political and socio-economic cleavages will also drive operational challenges and regulatory uncertainty for businesses over the coming months. In this article, we explore the prospects and challenges for South Asia’s post-pandemic recovery.