Organisational Resilience

Operational Restructuring Support Services


Operational Restructuring Support Services


Intelligence, security, crisis and threat management expertise

Understanding your business’s external context and the variety of scenarios that could impact your operation is the first step towards resilience. Control Risks conducts risk assessments and monitoring, providing on-the-ground knowledge relevant to your business.

Control Risks has extensive experience helping clients re-evaluate their business strategies and manage risk throughout the operational restructuring lifecycle. We support clients before, during, and after restructuring announcements at headquarters, as well as with coordinated approaches at global centers of operations.

Business strategy evaluation

Any significant operational restructuring will have far-reaching strategic implications for the organization and inevitably uncover emerging risks. Control Risks can help inform strategic reviews to provide an external check on the risks and opportunities related to restructuring. We can also evaluate the robustness of plans already in place and help implement mitigation.


Preparing for operational restructuring

Preparing for restructuring demands coordination. RIFs, mass layoffs and workforce realignments impact employees and third parties in unexpected and dramatic ways. Organisations should deliver notifications compassionately while also preparing for potential negative repercussions. Control Risks helps identify and mitigate likely risks, keeps employees and the business safe, and ensures that there are well-rehearsed contingency plans in place.


Activating operational restructuring plans

The public/employee announcement of restructuring plans is particularly challenging in remote working environments and can be a flashpoint for potentially disgruntled employees and local communities. Control Risks helps clients plan message delivery to employees while minimizing the threat to their people, information, technology and premises.


Post-announcement support

Effective mitigation strategies can help minimize the need for emergency post-announcement support, but effective management of employees, the media, local authorities and other agencies helps prevent escalation of grievances. Organisations should have a long-term plan to mitigate risk and monitor for workplace threats.

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