Enterprise Resilience

Protect value through achievable, sustainable resilience


Enterprise Resilience

Risk Assessment and Monitoring - Risk Governance and Organisational Design
Enterprise Risk Management - Supply Chain Resilience
National Risk Assessments and Resilience Planning


Organisational resilience is essential to successfully navigate and capitalise on a complex risk and opportunity landscape. Resilient organisations are able to respond rapidly to a disruptive event in a way that protects stakeholder interests, creates opportunity and builds long term competitive advantage.


Risk assessments, monitoring and context

Understanding your business’s external context and the variety of scenarios that could impact your operation is the first step towards resilience. Control Risks conducts risk assessments and monitoring, providing on-the-ground knowledge relevant to your business.

The horizon scanning and continuous assessment of local contexts that we provide is matched to your markets and strategy. We assist business leaders with the increasing need for quantification of risk scenarios to facilitate commercially driven risk decision-making.

Risk governance and organisational design

Effective leadership, governance and alignment with business strategy are vital in establishing a resilient organisation. Control Risks works as a partner to understand your risks and business goals and then builds the supporting resilience and risk management structures.

We then guide you in establishing high-performing teams that support these structures throughout the organisation. It is important for leadership to set the tone that resilience is a matter for everyone within the business. This encourages all of your people to take a proactive approach to risk and opportunity, and reinforce cross-function collaboration.

The best programmes span the enterprise, capturing and integrating existing risk management and mitigation activities to ensure sustainability and maximise organisational efficiency.

Flexible and adaptable solutions

Whether you are looking to mesh an enterprise risk management process with your existing structures, apply an enterprise risk management approach to a specific business unit, market or project, or overhaul existing programmes to be more focused on resilience, Control Risks can help.

Frequently we create programmes that are implemented as a series of prioritised projects that increase the resilience of the organisation in a coordinated and resource-effective manner. In these cases, we work with you to address resilience as bite-sized projects, typically starting with a gap analysis, reviewing governance and reporting, before building capability. Many of our clients find this makes building resilience more achievable and sustainable.

National risk assessments

A national risk assessment (NRA) carried out by Control Risks is a critical first step to developing and maintaining a country’s wellbeing and meeting the rise in public expectation for governments to manage risk and prevent crises.

NRAs help a country shape its longer term strategy to protect national interests, security and economic advantage. They build public confidence domestically and internationally.

NRAs provide the foundation for capacity-building and leveraging funding from international agencies like the United Nations or World Bank.

Supply chain resilience

Control Risks works with organisations to better understand their supply chain risk profile and improve the way in which they assess, manage and monitor changes within this profile. We bring a unique blend of capabilities to this service: specialised country expertise, intelligence-gathering, investigative capabilities, and our tradition in security and operational risk management.

This capability is enhanced by our strategic partnership with APL Logistics, a world leader in origin logistics and supply-chain services.

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Resilience for real estate and critical infrastructure projects

Resilience for real estate and critical infrastructure projects

The nature of the threats and hazards that a development may face is driven by its location, its function, the profile of its users and what that building is perceived to represent.

The State of Enterprise Resilience

The State of Enterprise Resilience

Being resilient in practice and how business are striving to adopt some of the principles of resilience in their organisations.

Working beyond Enterprise Risk Management play icon

Working beyond Enterprise Risk Management

ERM works to identify, assess and manage risks. We also help organisations to develop and implement the operational risk management programmes that fall outside ERM.

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