Internal Controls and Monitorships

Finding pathways to compliance


Internal Controls and Monitorships

Government-Mandated Monitorships - Internal Controls & Monitoring


Settlements with government enforcement and regulatory agencies can require an independent compliance monitor. Monitoring has also become an expected component of a functional compliance programme.


End-to-end compliance programme review

Control Risks compliance experts help with the evaluation and enhancement of your existing policies, procedures and practices to conform to governmental guidance related to the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and similar laws in other jurisdictions. Our multi-disciplinary team of forensic accountants, investigators and former law enforcement officials delivers an integrated view of all elements of corporate compliance.

We have also served as court-appointed Independent Compliance Consultants to assess an existing compliance programme, make recommendations and verify implementation of such recommendations over the course of a multi-year settlement agreement.

Internal controls

We advise you on key internal controls and processes relevant to corruption, fraud, supply chain and procurement. Working to identify and remediate gaps, we create improved frameworks for controls environments.

All businesses sectors are different and we customise operational controls to your precise requirements. This includes assessment of company resources to achieve an operational compliance programme framework including staffing, systems and technology.

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