Data Analytics

Insights to improve margins and mitigate risks


Data Analytics

Business Insights, Visualisation and Dashboarding
Compliance Monitoring - Commercial Data Reporting


The data analytics team at Control Risks helps organisations acquire and analyse high volumes of financial, operational and transactional data. This uncovers actionable insights to improve operational margins and mitigate compliance risks.


Business insights, visualisation and dashboarding

Analysing enterprise data to identify unexplored growth areas and operational pain points enables the C-suite to make business-critical decisions. We can enhance and centralise your global reporting through intuitive and interactive visualisation dashboards.

We not only automate existing reports to reduce reliance on IT, but empower executives to explore insights and test hypotheses on their own. We can assign probabilities to scenarios and create risk scores so that business stakeholders and compliance officials can see the potential outcomes of their decisions before taking action.

Compliance monitoring

Control Risks has a team of compliance experts and technologists with experience designing and developing compliance monitoring applications that incorporate risk-based transactional analytics and workflow delegation technology to help you meet your regulatory requirements and internal compliance controls.

Whether it is automating fraud detection as part of a compliance assurance programme related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), or implementing decision-based workflows to meet the unique business rules of a regulated industry, our development team collaborates with you to create ideas and solutions to satisfy your compliance monitoring needs.

Commercial data reporting

Our data analytics team has extensive experience in analysing financial and accounting data to help companies prepare for business critical events such as mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and other market changing actions.

We work with multinational corporations to solve specific management reporting issues, particularly when timescales are urgent. Our accounting expertise and familiarity with financial systems helps us act as an interim reporting solution to address any shortcomings in existing reporting capabilities. Our team can quickly create ad hoc reporting, ensure accuracy in reported figures and reconcile existing variances.


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